Gather round: These are the most well-endowed unis in the country

Financially, of course

You’ve always had ideas about which unis are well-endowed. Certain institutions just have that energy. But which is the most well-endowed?

Of course, we’re talking about financial endowments here – money and assets donated to a university, which give them additional income.

It’ll come as no surprise that Oxford and Cambridge top the table. Cambridge have a very nice £6.9bn endowment keeping them happy, whilst Oxford only command a paltry £6.1bn. Every other uni in the country is pathetically far behind, with endowments in the mere millions. Edinburgh, King’s and Manchester take up the rest of the top five.

As money troubles come strutting over the horizon, the size of a uni’s endowment is relevant to how well it can weather a financial storm. Although an endowment is not always readily available as cash, unis with more financial clout won’t face such acute pressure to get students in for next year. This could be seen as part of why Cambridge can afford to take early action on cancelling face-to-face lectures.

Check out the top 20 most well-endowed unis in the country below:

The figures are taken from the universities’ financial statements for 2018-19 academic year.

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