Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which dating app you’ll be successful on

Raging if I don’t get Hinge

It’s the question which has troubled group chat for years, which dating app will get I more matches on? These matches will either turn into a half decent shag, a few awkward dates or maybe end up as an actual relationship. So depending on what you want out of the app and your overall personality will determine which app you’ll be most successful on.

If you’re looking for meaningless sex with gym boys who have their snapchat included in their bio, then you’ll probably do pretty well on Tinder. If you’re looking for someone you can bring home to mum and you’re actually good at keeping up to date with your app notifications then you’re going to be thriving on Bumble. Or finally you might get the most matches on Hinge, if you’ve got jokes stories to tell and you don’t mind spending your date in an art gallery.

Take this quiz to see which dating app you’ll be most successful on:

Featured image credit before changes: Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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