Ok so just who is this viral ‘giant baby’ everyone has gone wild for?

He’s called Gavin and his mum has spoken out about the ‘harsh’ comments

If today you’ve gone on Twitter, seen everyone talking about a “giant baby” and been instantly confused you’re not alone. It seems as though the whole world has gone crazy for the big ol’ boy and doesn’t know what to do.

The baby is a TikTok sensation, the memes are going viral and his mum has even spoken out. So strap in, because here’s an explainer on why everyone is talking about *that* giant baby.

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Who is the viral giant baby?

Giant baby is actually three years old and called Gavin. Apparently when he was born he was normal sized, but then he began to grow bigger and bigger. His mum, Kat, told BuzzFeed News: “We go for a regular doctor’s check-up. There’s a growth curve — he’s off the charts! He’s been off the charts since after birth.”

His mum says Gavin is a happy and healthy child, loves Halloween and M&Ms and lives with his mum, dad and older brother in America’s Midwest.

The TikTok videos and ‘giant baby’ memes of Gavin really are something else

But then things changed, when Gavin’s mum uploaded a video of him to TikTok. Gavin became an internet sensation. On her account (@kat.027), she has uploaded 22 videos so far, all of Gavin. She’s racked up millions of views and a total of 1.1million likes.

The video people have gone most wild for is one of Gavin bouncing on his dad’s back. It’s had 10.1 million views on TikTok and Kat also shared it on her Instagram profile.

Kat explains that she woke up one morning and decided she was going to make Gavin famous. Some of the most viewed videos include him playing with fruit and playing with his toy car.

Then the memes began. The main one simply said: “Is anyone else absolutely REPULSED by this giant baby”. The video attached has had over 16 million views and the tweet has had over 300k likes.

Twitter quite literally can’t get over Gavin.

Gavin’s popularity has become so widespread he even has his own entry on KnowYourMeme. The page says: “Giant Baby refers to a viral TikTok video of a toddler in a diaper bouncing on his father’s stomach and giggling. When the video spread to Twitter, it led to a wave of people commenting that they were repulsed by the video.”

The baby’s mum has said the comments are a ‘bit harsh’ but she has no intention of stopping making videos

Gavin’s mum, Kat, has since spoken out about negative comments she has seen online about her son. She told BuzzFeed News: “There’s been good comments, bad comments. There’s funny [ones]. But some are mean, even a bit harsh about it. He is what he is.”

She added that she was upset by the comments at first, but knows people can be mean online and reassures people she has a thick skin and isn’t too bothered. She says she has no intention of stopping posting the videos, even though she knows when Gavin grows up he will “hate” her. She said: “We’re in a bad time at the moment. I think he’s brought a lot of joy to people. I wish I had a mom-cam on myself because I can’t capture all the stuff he does.”

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