Why are girls on TikTok asking their boyfriend ‘would you still love me if I was a worm’?

What if we kissed in the compost heap 😳

Girlfriends love to incessantly ask their boyfriends the most bizarre questions. Fact.

It’s like there is always a burning question that has to be asked, whether it’s at one in the morning when all he wants to do is sleep, or on a long drive. There’s a buildup, and then it ends up being something like “if you had a pet unicorn, what would you name it?”. Of all of the stupid questions that girls across the world ask their boyfriends, one seems to be particularly prevalent currently on social media – “would you still date me if I was a worm?”

There is so much to unpack here. Why has this become a trend? What the fuck does this even mean? This is the understandable reaction of many, but where exactly did this trend start? Why are girls asking their boyfriends this question? Why a worm?

@fucckatie69I really thought he was gonna say something cute… men ain’t sh!t😔 ##foryoupage ##foryou ##ifiwasaworm ##xyzbca ##fyp♬ original sound – katieanaya7

Where did the “would you date me if I was a worm” trend start?

This whole weird trend seems to have evolved from the general joke of girls asking ridiculous questions to their boyfriends, which has seemingly been about since dinosaurs roamed the earth (2019, to be precise). The first example came from Twitter user @niall_gee, who got into an argument with his girlfriend when he said he wouldn’t be with her if she didn’t have skin. Sounds totally fair enough to me:

Imagine having a girlfriend without skin? No thanks – fully on your side with this one Niall mate. From the weird skin tweet must have come the worm question, which is most notably tweeted here:

In a more broad sense, it then went to @kohlgrrl in 2019, who likened this montage of clips from ### as her pestering her boyfriend in the early hours of the morning. Perhaps inspired by the aforementioned two questions:

Either way, this trend has morphed into its final form on TikTok, where you’ve most likely seen it. They’re all uploaded with the hashtag #ifiwasaworm, where there are some amazing reactions from the boyfriends being asked. Some boys try and play along, whilst others respond in the most unimpressed way. Here’s some of the best:

@themikacortezY’all… ##wouldyoudateme ##ifiwasaworm♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

@oxo_liviai think he just said he’d love me if i was a worm so i’d leave 🙁 ##fyp ##workdistractions♬ original sound – oxo_livia

@bbeyondbriannaaasking my boyfriend if he would date me if i was a worm ##fyp ##boyfriend♬ original sound – thereallightskinmonte

This isn’t the first time that girls have been totally epicly troll-memed by gamers on TikTok. The song “Heart on Ice” by Rod Wave has become an extension of the worm question, becoming practically synonymous with behaving in a silly and over the top way, both in a couple and on your own. Brilliant stuff:

@coco.damonkeyThat yellow do be hitting different 🙈💛🙍🏻‍♂️🙊##greenscreen ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage♬ Heart On Ice – Rod Wave

@marizzlee🥺♬ Heart On Ice – Rod Wave

@thirdtonsillit really a tragedy luv ##foryou♬ Heart On Ice – Rod Wave

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