Uni fines student £100 for signing into a lecture when they weren’t actually there

I mean this is a nightmare tbh

A uni fined a student £100 for “falsely signing into a lecture when not in attendance”, in what we can only assume is the worst possible consequence of getting a mate to scan your card because you’re too hungover.

The University of Chester fined the anonymous but cheeky student in 2017/18, but gave them no other punishment, a Freedom of Information request by The Tab has found.

The uni also fined a student £40 the year before for providing false information about attending a lecture, but did not say how they put the money to use in either case.

It comes after the University of Surrey was forced to investigate a three-year-old clip on social media which showed a lecturer turning away a student for being late.

The lecturer told the student: “Sorry you’re too late. You’re too late. You can see what time it is. You can go out and come back in later.”

Surrey said the clip had been taken out of context, but had apologised to the student and the lecturer.

The Tab has asked Chester how the student could have given false info whilst also not being there.

If you’ve been given a fine by your uni and don’t think it was fair, get in touch at [email protected]

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