Netflix’s Safe is the ‘top tier’ series which is just like The Stranger

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Do you ever get to the end of a Netflix show and wonder what you’re going to do with your life now it’s done? A lot of people felt that way about The Stranger. But as if by magic, Netflix has another series which is perfect for binge watching straight after – Safe.

Safe is another Netflix series adapted from a book by Harlan Coben, the author behind The Stranger. It is guaranteed to fill the hole The Stranger has left in your life.

What is Safe on Netflix about?

The series is all about a rich widowed surgeon called Tom, who is left to raise his two daughters alone after his wife’s death. His eldest teen daughter goes missing, and Tom begins his own investigation to find her. In turn, he finds out lots of dark secrets about those closest to him. The characters in Safe are hiding a lot, just like those in The Stranger.

The official synopsis for the show says: “Widowed surgeon Tom has struggled to raise his two daughters alone following his wife’s death a year ago. Things seem to be on the right track for the family, who live in a gated community, because they have close friends nearby and Tom is in the early stages of a new relationship. But the situation takes a turn for the worse when Jenny, Tom’s oldest daughter, goes missing along with her boyfriend. Tom enlists girlfriend Sophie, a police detective, to help locate the teens, but his new partner is working her own agenda. As the investigation intensifies, Tom unearths dark secrets about the people closest to him in his affluent neighbourhood. The drama series was created by mystery novelist Harlan Coben.”

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The show is categorised on Netflix under mystery, crime and drama and is described as “gritty” and “suspenseful”. There are eight episodes, all around 40-50 minutes long.

What do viewers think of Safe?

Lots of people who have watched The Stranger on Netflix and loved it are recommending people try Safe. Some viewers say the series it better than The Stranger, and others are describing Safe on Netflix as “absolutely amazing”, “top tier”, and an “emotional rollercoaster”.

If you’re still not convinced, watch the trailer for Safe on Netflix here:

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