This is where you recognise all the cast of Netflix’s The Stranger from

The woman who plays The Stranger is from Black Mirror!!


Netflix has just released a new psychological thriller, The Stranger. It’s been compared to You, is eight episodes of mystery and the cast is amazing – The Stranger couldn’t look much better to be honest.

But, do you ever watch a show or a film where you spend a huge amount of time staring at the characters wondering ‘where do I know you from?!’ – The cast of The Stranger are about to one of those. So to save you driving yourself mad, here’s where you know them all from.

The Stranger – Hannah John-Kamen

“The Stranger” who is the creepy and mysterious woman who seems to know everyone’s secrets, is played by Hannah John Kamen. You may recognise her as Ornela in Game of Thrones or as Sonja in the Playtest episode of Black Mirror. And Hannah is also an actual Marvel star. She was in the film Ant-Man and the Wasp as the main villain, Ghost.

The Stranger cast, The Stranger, cast, Netflix, Hannah John-Kamen, Black Mirror, Playtest

Hannah John-Kamen in Black Mirror Playtest

Adam Price – Richard Armitage

Adam Price is happily married to his wife with two children, before The Stranger turns up and tells him his wife might have some hidden secrets. Adam then begins investigating his wife and finding out the truth. Adam is played by Richard Armitage.

Richard Armitage is a 48-year-old English film, television, theatre and voice actor. He’s best known as Thorin in The Hobbit, Heinz Kruger in Captain America and as Gary in Into The Storm.

The Stranger cast, The Stranger, cast, Netflix, Richard Armitage, Adam Price, The Hobbit

He looks slightly different in The Hobbit

Corrine Price – Dervla Kirwan

Adam’s wife Corrine is played by Dervla Kirwan. Dervla is an Irish actress who has been in countless TV shows. She was in one episode of Doctor Who in 2008, as well as Safe House, Silent Witness and Amazon Prime’s White Dragon.

The Stranger cast, The Stranger, cast, Netflix, Corrine Price, Dervla Kirwan

Dervla as Amanda in Silent Witness

Thomas Price – Jacob Dudman

The eldest Price son, Thomas, is played by Jacob Dudman. Jacob is a 22-year-old actor and voice impressionist. He voices several characters in Big Finish audio stories, such as the Tenth Doctor in The Tenth Doctor Chronicles, the Eleventh Doctor in The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles, and the Twelfth Doctor in Dead Media. He also played Dev in TV series, The A List.

The Stranger cast, The Stranger, cast, Netflix, Jacob Dudman, Thomas Price

Jacob as Dev in The A List

Daisy Hoy – Ella-Rae Smith

Thomas’s friend Daisy is played by Ella-Rae Smith. She’s a model, and has also been in Clique and is currently in the Rimmel London mascara advert!!

DS Johanna Griffin – Siobhan Finneran

Police detective Johanna Griffin is played by Siobhan Finneran. You probably recognise her from a whole host of shows. Besides The Stranger, Siobhan has been cast as one of the lady’s maids in Downtown Abbey and of course as the mum, Janice, in Benidorm. Playing police detectives is basically second nature to Siobhan because she was also a detective in Wire in the Blood, The Moorside and The Loch. She also played Elaine in ITV drama The Confession last year.

The Stranger cast, The Stranger, cast, Netflix, DS Johanna Griffin, Siobhan Finneran

Heidi – Jennifer Saunders

Johanna’s best friend is played by comedy legend Jennifer Saunders. French and Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous, The fairy godmother in Shrek. Need I say more?

The Stranger cast, The Stranger, cast, Netflix, Heidi, Jennifer Saunders

Tripp – Shaun Dooley

Shaun Dooley, who plays Tripp in The Stranger, has one of those faces you will forever recognise but not know where from. He does TV interviews all the time and it would probably be easier to list things he hasn’t been in, but here we are.

Shaun played Adam in Silent Witness, Jack in Law and Order, Eddie in Married Single Other, Fisher in The Woman in Black, Pete in Benidorm, Greg in Misfits, Kincaid in Wolfblood, Ricky in Broadchurch, Steve in DCI Banks and he was in SAS: Who Dares Wins. I think that’s enough.

The Stranger cast, The Stranger, cast, Netflix, Tripp, Shaun Dooley

John Katz – Paul Kaye

John Katz is played by comedian, Paul Kaye. Yes, that’s Thoros of Myr in Game of Thrones.

The Stranger cast, The Stranger, cast, Netflix, Paul Kaye, Game of Thrones, John Katz

Edgar Price – Anthony Head

Property developer and Adam’s dad, Edgar Price, is played by Anthony Head. He’s best known as Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But you might also recognise him as Will’s dad in The Inbetweeners, The Prime Minister in Little Britain or the guy from the Nescafe adverts.

The Stranger cast, The Stranger, cast, Netflix, Edgar Price, Anthony Head

via ITV

The Stranger cast also sees Kadiff Kirwan as DC Wesley Ross and Stephen Rea as Martin Killane.

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