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You shouldn’t be having sex if you can’t ace this secondary school sex ed quiz

Siri what is the labia majora

It’s well known that secondary school sex education is a bit shit. It doesn’t actually prepare you for real sex at all, and the sex education curriculum hasn’t actually changed since the year 2000. But it does nail one thing: the basics.

You may think that because you’ve had sex, or been having sex for years, that you’re some kind of sex expert. Sexpert, if you will. But what’s more likely is that you’ve forgotten all of the basic principles of sex education and you actually have little to no knowledge at all. And if that is the case, you should not be allowed to have sex.

To help you out, we have devised a quiz based off of secondary school resources that teachers in Britain use to teach sex education. If you don’t get 100 per cent on this quiz, you are banned from sex.