People are freaking out because parliament voted against protecting Erasmus

How will you get that 50-liker in front of the Eiffel Tower now?

People are freaking out after MPs voted against binding the government to keep the Erasmus arrangements the same as before Brexit.

A new clause of the Brexit bill, proposed by Lib Dem MP Layla Moran, would have made it an objective of the government to get an agreement which “enables the UK to participate in all elements of the Erasmus+ programme on existing terms.”

Speaking in parliament, Moran said the new clause “would only require the Government to seek—to do what they say they want to do, but let us be sure—to negotiate continuing full membership of the future Erasmus education and youth programme.” Despite Moran calling it a “no-brainer”, MPs rejected the clause.

Anyway, not clear it’s doom and gloom for Erasmus – the government could still negotiate to keep it on the same terms, or pretty similar to before. Non-EU countries like Macedonia, Norway, and Turkey take part in the exchange programme.

James Duddridge, a Brexit minister, told parliament that the government was basically going to try and do this anyway. “The political declaration envisages the possibility of UK participation in EU programmes, and we will negotiate the general terms of participation, where appropriate, throughout the implementation period,” he said.

The University of Bristol confirmed in November it would continue funding the Erasmus programme even if the government failed to secure a deal with the EU.

Nonetheless, people are freaking out.

The British Council, who look after Erasmus, didn’t respond to our request for comment.

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