These are the 23 best Twitter reactions to *that* Christmas Peloton advert

Just look at the pain in her EYES

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Bike company Peloton has released its latest Christmas ad – and it is being completely torn to shreds on Twitter. The Peloton ad is being called “sexist”, “out of touch” and “dystopian”. It really is a lot and I’m frightened for the Peloton ad woman’s personal safety.

For anyone that hasn’t seen it, here’s the ad:

It shows a woman being gifted a Peloton exercise bike by who can be presumed is her partner. She then embarks on a new exercise regime and records her process in vlogs to thank him. “A year ago, I didn’t realise how much this would change me,” she says as she shows of her just a slim as she was at the beginning self.

But now the Peloton ad is being completely rinsed. People are saying it’s sexist for a man to buy his partner an exercise bike to “change” her and the advert is completely “out of touch” and like the worst episode of Black Mirror ever.

The criticism has been so bad that Peloton has reportedly seen a plummet in its company shares, which closed more than 9 per cent lower yesterday. Yikes.

Here are some of the best reactions to the Peloton ad:

1. It’s about to be the worst episode ever

2. My husband really loves me!!!!!

3. There was zero thought from her

4. Even the house had major Black Mirror vibes

5. I love this song !!

6. Same

7. Can someone check if Peloton lady is ok????


9. Omg u guys

10. Does anyone else feel like this could actually be a horror movie trailer?

11. Romance isn’t dead x

12. Such festive cheer

13. This parody is better than the original Peloton ad

14. This thread though

15. Yes there’s more

16. And more

17. He’s still going


18. …

19. I’ll be sure to try it

20. There’s more but I’ll end this here

21. Real talk

22. We can dream

23. Awkward

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