This new Renault car advert is sending Gay Twitter into meltdown

Why did they play Wonderwall over a queer love story?

We all know a Renault car when we see one, but does anyone actually care about them? Well we do now, because Renault just released the cutest advert we’ve ever seen.

All Christmas adverts have been cancelled because they’ll never match up to this story of two girls whose childhood friendship blossoms into young love, and all of the challenges they’re faced with as a lesbian couple.

We’re dying to gush over it, but first, you have to watch it to truly understand the two-minute emotional journey we’ve been taken on.

The video starts out with two young girls travelling with their parents to meet each other and, to be honest, we don’t really know why they’re friends. Are they pen pals? Long-distance besties? Who knows, but all the travelling is done in one of their parents’ old Clio models – smart branding, Renault.

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The advert then jumps forward a few years to the same girls as teenagers being driven around in a sightly newer Clio, but by the brunette girl this time. They listen to tunes on a cassette tape that their younger selves shared, take pics on a classic instant film camera and end up kissing at the beach and everywhere else; it’s all very wholesome and romantic.

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Then, when the red-haired girl returns to her family, her father finds a letter that his daughter’s girlfriend wrote to her. He’s clearly not happy about the relationship and he leaves her crying in the rain. Yikes.

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We can then assume that because of her father’s disapproval, the girls-turned-young women don’t end up together, because one of them only goes and gets married to a bloke. Ugh. Don’t lose hope though, the tension in those glances between them is almost as awkward as the presence of yet another Clio; surely it’s not over yet?

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It’s not! The married woman realises that men are trash and so is hiding who she really is, packs her stuff in another car, and goes back to her first love. They start over, have a daughter, and go and visit the red-haired woman’s parents (in another Clio, okay Renault we get it).

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This time her father is loving and welcoming, and we’re left sobbing and wanting to buy the new Renault Clio out of solidarity.

The people of Twitter have been going nuts over this advert, and here’s some of the takes they’ve had on the cutest advert ever:

Gay women really know a thing or two about commitment, huh?

This is so wholesome, we stan representation!

Love knows no bounds, @chickabiddybex.

Shut up and take my money, Renault!!

We can’t disagree with that.

We love emotional blackmail!

The one and only time Wonderwall has made me cry.

You did amazing, sweetie!

So are all the gays who’ve watched this.

Best Supporting Actor goes to the third Renault Clio.

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