It’s official: Labour is going to abolish tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants

They’re also going to crackdown on private landlords

Jeremy Corbyn has announced Labour will officially abolish tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants.

The Tab is reporting live from Birmingham, where the Labour party is launching their manifesto.

Jeremy Corbyn said a Labour government will “end the free-market experiment in higher education, abolish tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants”, adding “we will fundamentally rethink the assessment of research and teaching quality, and develop a new funding formula for higher education.”

Labour promise to:

• Ensure all public HE institutions have adequate funding for teaching and research

• Widen access to higher education and reverse decline of part-time learning

• Abolish tuition fees

• End casualisation of staff

• Bring back maintenance grants

Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party

The Labour party are promising to abolish tuition fees

The manifesto does not pledge to scrap existing student debt.

Labour have also promised to crack down on private landlords, stating they would cap rent cost with inflation, and give cities the power to cap rents further.

Their manifesto also states the Labour party will ensure all private properties are “up to scratch”, enforcing minimum standards nationwide with tough sanctions for landlords who fail to meet them.

In The Tab’s snap election poll, 40 per cent of students have said they are voting Labour this election.

Out of 1,700 respondents, a third said they were voting Tory, and 23 per cent are backing the Lib Dems.

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