You can now get FOUR MONTHS of Prime Music for only 99p!!!

Just delete it straight after and you’re set

The best bit about being a student is the freebies, and at only 99p this offer may as well be free. Yes, you have to put in your card details but that’s not a deal-breaker. That’s just in case you accidentally forget to delete your subscription, so they can sneakily charge you the full price for a month.

But you won’t be that silly will you. Wait, will you?

Get four months of Amazon Music for only 99p and keep the vibe going without the ads

via GIPHY: It’s time to get your groove on

Got a spare 99p you want to invest in something worthwhile? These days, you probably won’t be able to buy one measly Freddo with that amount of pennies. So, why not do the smart thing and get four months of quality music for less than a pound. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Put in your bank details

Step 3: Get listening

Think of the pres you can host on this. No Spotify ads to burst in and completely ruin the chilled vibe you’d spent hours curating in a special playlist. Nope – just 99p will free you of that specific annoyance for the next four months.

What have you got to lose?


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Want super cheap music without ads for four months?

Duh, yes you do. Click here to get the offer now