How long would you last on The Apprentice? Take this quiz to find out

Would you be hired or fired?

The Apprentice 2019 is finally getting into the nitty gritty stages. The riff-raff are out, and business is on. But still, at the end of each episode you can’t help but be left thinking – how do the candidates get it so wrong all the time?! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I could do better than most of them on the tasks. This The Apprentice quiz is designed to tell you if you really could win yourself.

The candidates this year have had some awful tasks. They were asked to create a toy for 6-8 year-olds and produced a crappy turtle that sits on your hand. They thought a bright red wheeled bike was cool and something people would be proud to be seen on. They literally couldn’t organise a wine tour in a wine cellar and don’t even get me started on their god awful attempts at branding Finland. It’s embarrassing.

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So if you think you could do better – now’s your chance. Would you be desperate to impress Lord Sugar and go for PM every week? Are you a top sales person who could woo him without even saying a word?

The Apprentice quiz: Find out how long you would last as a candidate here:



The Apprentice is back next week on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday. Other episodes are available to catch up on iPlayer.

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