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Kendall Jenner and other Fyre Festival influencers are being sued

Court papers also have revealed exactly how much they got paid

Emily Ratajowski, Kendall Jenner and Skepta are being sued over the money they got paid for Fyre Festival.

They are among a bunch of celebs and influencers named in lawsuits filed by the trustee for the festival's bankruptcy case.

Ratajkowski and Jenner got paid nearly $300,000 each for posts promoting the disastrous Bahamian festival, claims the lawsuit, revealed by the Wall Street Journal.

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Gregor Messer, the trustee behind the lawsuit, says the payments should be voided and given back to investors. He's also going after yacht companies and the catering company.

Kendall was paid $275,000 for her now infamous Instagram post promoting the festival, the lawsuit claims, adding that it was not labelled as paid content.

Meanwhile, Ratajkowski's agency are being asked for $299,000 because of a post the model did for Fyre.

The lawsuit is also trying to get back $500,000 from Blink-182, and $90,000 paid to Skepta, alongside money from a ream of celebs including Migos, Pusha T, and Tyga.

Fyre's founder, Billy McFarland, is currently serving a six-year prison sentence for fraud. If you need the whole thing explaining, you've probably been asleep.

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