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Quiz: Which of these delicious Quorn products matches your vibe?

Don’t sue me if you don’t get cocktail sausages

The world is burning. The ice caps are melting. And America is trying to shove chlorinated chickens down our throats. But none of that matters because Quorn products are single handedly saving our animal-murdering, godforsaken planet.

Look. Quorn is quite literally the best thing that’s happened in modern history. It’s making people who would previously never touch veggie meat, scramble all over it on the supermarket shelves. Bacon Style Slices? Delicious. Crispy Nuggets? Just like the real thing. Veggie Mince for your chilli? It’s got exactly the same texture.

If we could eat, breathe and be every Quorn product, we would. But we can’t all be the cocktail sausages can we?

So which Quorn product are you? Take this quiz to find out:

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