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How long the Love Island couples will last, according to a relationship expert

Yikes, who would have thought it!

Even though Love Island 2019 finished on Monday, it's only just the beginning for the Love Island couples outside the villa. Or so we thought.

This series has witnessed a plethora of love affairs. With 560 degree head turns, some serious grafting and an unhealthy number of fanny flutters – there's one question on everyone's mind. Was it all real?

The only way to find out is to see how long they last outside the villa. But for those who can't be arsed to wait, we're here to give you an estimate.

We spoke to Nomin Bayaraa, dating expert and co-founder of dating app Blixr, who gave us her verdict on how long each couple will last:

Ovie and India – Less than a month

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Ovie has been enjoying his time in the villa and was the clear fan favourite before India entered the villa. Although she seems loved up, India's feelings for Ovie appear very coincidental.

It is still very early days in their relationship. I believe that after they leave the villa India will lose interest and leave Ovie heartbroken. He appears smitten with India, however, there are very few signs that she truly has feelings for him. Ovie has a very hectic schedule travelling around the world and I do not see India wanting to pack up her life at 28-years-old to stay by his side.

Belle and Anton – Six months

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In his initial VT Anton described himself as having “wandering eye syndrome” and following the supermarket incident, it is difficult to trust him. As much as Belle says that she loves the “banter” side of Anton, I predict he will overstep the mark in the future.

Belle has a fiery temperament which Anton needs to keep him in his place. However, I can see her short fuse taking a toll on the relationship in the long term.

Anton and Belle are very loved up and compatible on the surface so I believe that they will have a successful “honeymoon period” of three months. However, Anton’s "laddish" behaviour is likely to get in the way and I predict the couple splitting by Christmas.

Amber and Greg – Over a year

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Amber has had her fair share of heartbreak in the villa and Greg seems like a genuine guy that has strong feelings for the Geordie lass. After seeing Michael and Amber’s relationship deteriorate on-screen, Greg knows what makes her tick.

Greg has truly swept Amber off her feet and it is beautiful to see her mood change when around him. The response from both of their families was heartwarming, especially when Greg’s mum gifted Amber a shamrock necklace.

I can see Amber and Greg being in it for the long run. Amber has been far warier with Greg after the Michael debacle and as a result, has been more cautious when taking her guard down. Greg is a true gentleman and will be able to tame Amber’s wild side.

Tommy and Molly-Mae – Under a year

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Tommy and Molly-Mae have presented a perfect relationship over the past eight weeks. However, below the surface, I can see cracks forming.

Molly-Mae has little patience and Tommy appears clueless with how to complete everyday tasks, such as how to cook eggs or how to use a toaster. I can see this frustrating Molly over time and eventually her ending it due to his reluctance to learn how to complete simple tasks.

Molly-Mae also appears to be an opportunist. Having a large following before the villa, it is natural that many people are questioning whether her feelings for Tommy are genuine.

Her Instagram platform has grown massively during her time in the villa, so she will likely keep her relationship going with Tommy to increase her popularity. I see Molly and Tommy being together no longer than a year.

Maura and Curtis – Three months

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Another Islander who has had a rollercoaster of a journey is Curtis. With his relationship with Amy ending abruptly, it is questionable whether he has a game plan in place.

The maturity difference between Maura and Curtis has already become apparent in their recent arguments – Curtis is happy to gossip yet Maura will always stand up for her friends. I can see Maura getting frustrated with Curtis’ ability to give poor advice and use their age gap as a reason for ending the relationship.

Maura also will want to wear the trousers in the relationship. Outside the villa, I can see Curtis growing tired of Maura being "the boss". I can not see lasting longer than three months.

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