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Someone’s made an Insta account of girls wearing THAT leopard midi-skirt

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I don't want to panic you but there seems to be a leopard print midi-skirt epidemic. This skirt first appeared on our streets last year, when it was called the "it" skirt of summer 2018. But for some reason, people are still wearing it and the quickly-evolving virus has spread worldwide.

You know which skirt I mean. It's the one every influencer wears with a white t-shirt, white trainers and a tote bag in hand. It's the skirt draping over the girls pretending to pose in front of their beautiful houses in Chelsea. It's the skirt you'll see in every boomerang of "girl's night" and "date night."

And now someone's set up an Instagram account full of pictures of girls wearing the leopard midi-skirt. The account has posted 111 pictures in its two weeks of existence and has already amassed over 3,000 followers.

According to The Cut, @leopardmidiskirt is run by 23-year-old Rilka Noel, who started the account a few weeks ago.

She started by sending mocking Snapchats of the skirt to her close friends and then realised it could make a funny Instagram account.

Rilka says: "Everyone loves to drag other people and themselves.

“It’s just good fun. Also, I think it’s picking up because there’s no one easier to make fun of than basic bitches. And I’m saying that in the nicest way possible. I’m living for everyone in their leopard print midi skirts.”

Rilka doesn't have the skirt herself and apparently never will.

The leopard skirt has been a viral sensation, being spotted from London to New York.

It comes in different shapes, colours, sizes and will literally look good with anything.

Here are some favourite looks:

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