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We did a photoshoot in the new Lidl and made Britain’s next shop model a thing

Lidl = affordable AND aesthetic

The opening of Lidl on Hutcheon's street has delighted Aberdeen students. From its cheap prices to its convenient location, it's destined to become a firm favourite. In celebration of this we decided to commemorate it in the only way us millennials know how: with a photoshoot!

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Don't be fooled by the smiles – it was baltic

Models Bridget, Ella, Emma-Jean and Hugo pose in the aisles proving that Lidl is the coolest supermarket of them all.

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Fashion baby

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Milk is a better accessory to fashion than it is to cereal – don't @ me

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Yes you can make cheap wine vogue

We also asked our models a couple of questions about the shoot and what it meant to them.

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Completely candid

Why did you want to be involved in the shoot?

Bridget: I got involved because I want to try and do more new and exciting things, and this was the perfect opportunity!

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Simply… stunning

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Daz always was my favourite detergent

What does fashion mean to you?

Ella: Fashion means inspiration and self expression to me. I think clothes really affect your mood a lot and you should have fun with your style!

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Looking for an untethered trolley

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RGU can't see us through our superior vibe

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We don't need anything from this aisle – we're the biggest snacks

Have you ever done anything like this before?

Emma-Jean: Absolutely not, I've never done a normal photoshoot before and I certainly have never had my photo taken in a supermarket…

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Bakery is jokes tbf

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Wait is carrying wine over your shoulder… fit?

How did you find the experience?

Hugo: Really fun! Sure the customers were looking at us funny, but it was a lot of fun to shoot on a Friday morning.

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Aberdeen Lidl does not need to flex this hard

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Thinking fashionable thoughts

Why do you love Lidl?

E: Because it's so international.

B: Their fruit and veg is so fresh.

H: Because of their bakery selection and the price of course!

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Obviously we took this trolley back – we're not barbarians

So next time you go shopping have a Lidl more confidence and substitute your bag for life for a camera.