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How to check if someone’s bought fake Instagram followers

Loool you’re all getting exposed ?

Everyone knows that one girl from school who is now semi-Insta famous with 15k followers. And all she does is post shitty Pinterest posts, pictures of her boyfriend and highly staged candids on holidays.

Don't worry, you haven't gone crazy, she's probably just bought herself a load of fake followers. And I can prove it. So how can you tell if someone has fake Instagram followers?

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Follow these five steps below to check if someone's Instagram followers are real:

1. Run their account through a social media statistics website like Social Blade

You will be able to look at their recent follower history and if they've added a large chunk in one day, you'll know they probably bought them. No one randomly adds 10,000 followers in one day.

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Also look at their follower growth, if they're constantly dropping followers, it's most likely because they're fake.

2. Compare the number of likes they get per picture to how many followers they have

Usually you're looking at about 1/10 ratio of likes per followers on a healthy Instagram account with a few thousand followers. If an account has 50,000 followers but only a 100 likes, you know something is off.

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3. Also check how many comments their latest pictures have gotten, because Instagram likes can be bought too!

In 2019, not only can you buy followers, but you can buy Instagram likes too. Which is why it's crucial to check the number of comments too. An account with a large following, as well as loads of likes on pictures and no comments suggests the followers are fake.

4. Look at the quality of their followers, do they look like real accounts?

Scroll down their followers and see if they have loads of made up followers without any posts, profile pictures and gibberish names.

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5. Check with an Instagram fake follower checker app

There are a few websites which can do the checking for you. Some apps like HypeAudior and Fake Check Co can tell you the percentage of how many Instagram followers are fake.

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