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OF COURSE you can now buy ‘Thank u, next’ t-shirts

Show the whole world you’ve moved on!

What's more basic than captioning a post-break up Insta pic with 'thank u, next'? Obviously, it's investing in 'Thank u, next' merch. This way, everyone knows you've definitely moved on!!!

That's right, you can buy the t-shirt for £17.99 on In The Style or get it for free when you spend over £30 in the brand's Cyber Monday Sale.

Obviously Queen Fiat 500, Dani Dyer, has already posted an Insta wearing the t-shirt.

Throwback to when In the style made Love Island 'Not your hun, hun' and 'I'm loyal babe' t-shirts. It's incredible how one fashion company can capture the cultural Zeitgeist time and time again. Truly, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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