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Named and shamed: The celebs selling free clothes they get from brands on Depop for a profit


It's bad enough that your timeline is basically littered with sponsored posts from B-listers who have given up on their actual careers. But now it turns out that some influencers posing in the free clothes they get from brands, don't even wear them out and go on to sell them on the internet.

Reality TV veterans such as Toff, Louise Thompson, Marnie from Geordie Shore and various ex-Islanders are some of the worst offenders.

Depending on how many followers they have, some of them would have made up to £16,000 for a sponsored Instagram post. So yeah, I am massively judging them for taking the time out of their lives to sell a Miss Pap dress for £15 which they get for free.

Georgia Toffolo

Toff advertised a dress from Faviana New York in September last year with a discount code for her followers.

She then sold the same dress for £30 on Depop a few months later.

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Marnie Simpson

Marnie from Geordie Shore looked like she actually wore this dress from Motel Rock on a night out, but then put it up on Depop a few months later saying it was "new with tags."

She listed the dress on Depop for £40.

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Louise Thompson

Louise advertised this outfit for MissPap in March and literally put it up on Depop weeks later.

And wait for it, Louise doesn't actually manage her own Depop. So yes, she probably employs someone to do admin such as selling a £6 top for her.

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Tyne-Lexy Clarson

Remember Tyne-Lexy from Love Island 2017? She sells most of the clothes she doesn't wear on Depop, like this jumper from Missy Empire.

Like Louise, she lists the items she doesn't want almost instantly.

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Sophie Kasaei

Sophie from Geordie Shore wore this two-piece from Miss Pap five months ago.

And then listed it for £15 straight after. Well, at least she didn't say it was "new with tags."

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It's important to note that not all celebs pocket the money like the aforementioned individuals. Some donate all proceeds to charities they care about.

Olivia Buckland sends all the money she makes from selling unwanted clothes to chosen charities, while Kady McDermott states that she donates "every penny to brain tumour research charity."

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