A Birmingham third year is studying Love Island as part of her degree

She’ll be looking at the behaviour of the contestants

In what is absolutely the most summer 2018 move of the year, a student at Birmingham City University is studying Love Island as part of her degree.

Vicky Squires, who studies Media and Communications Studies at Birmingham City University, will be looking specifically at series two and three of the show and how the behaviour of the contestants may influence younger viewers for her final year dissertation.

The Daily Mail reported she will specifically be looking into confrontational scenes, acts of rebellion, and scenes of a sexual nature on the show, and how this may affect viewers.

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Vicky said: "I hope that my research will help others by highlighting how reality television influences the behaviour of others and just how powerful this can be, especially for younger audiences who might think that behaving in a similar manner will make them 'cool' and 'popular'.

"I chose to focus on Love Island as the programme has massively grown in popularity and it's also now like a small empire of its own, not only on the television but online and in stores with tonnes of merchandise inspired by the show."

The most recent series of the show ended with it's highest ever average ratings and became the most watched show in ITV2's history.