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Love Island Gossip Column: Megan and Georgia unfollow each other and Dr Alex to become face of STIs!!!


Love Island may finally be over, but it doesn't mean the gossip ever has to stop.

So welcome back to The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

After Megan explained why she doesn't like Georgia on the Reunion show last night, they both unfollowed each other on Instagram

Megan explained: "It's not that I don't like her, I just didn't get it. I'm very introverted and shy and I think Georgia is very extroverted and everything is like 'Oh My God, how are you boo, you alright?!' Everything is massive. It's not like I didn't like her, I just didn't get it. I've never been around that kind of person before." And the tension was palpable.

Well according to Cosmo, they've now unfollowed each other on social media, but Georgia is still following Wes. Awkward.

Georgia FINALLY kinda apologised to Laura for the kiss

Last night on Aftersun when Georgia was made to watch that video again, she said: "Oh Laura babe you know me if I had remembered it that way I would have told you. I'm sorry babe, I'm sorry. I love you darling."

Adam kicked Georgia out of the WhatsApp group chat "by accident"

According to Georgia, she didn't leave the Islanders' group chat on purpose, but was actually accidentally kicked out by Adam.

She said in the Reunion last night: "There were two bloody Georgias in the WhatsApp group wasn't there? And then you kicked me out (pointing at Adam) and then obviously it was me who left the group." Yeah, sure.

Dr Alex just posted the worst video since 'Yooooo it's Alex'

Why God, why???

Yooooo it's Alex here from Love Island

Yooooo it's Alex here from Love Island part 2

Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Monday, August 6, 2018

It's looking very likely that Dr Alex will have a TV doctor role on This Morning

An insider told The Sun: “Producers were impressed with Alex following his time on the show this week – and were intrigued to hear him say how keen he was to pursue more TV work.

“They believe it would be great to have a new face whose come from a show like Love Island and can appeal to a younger audience to give his insight on the medical world.

“He talks really passionately about his profession and is a big star thanks to his summer in the villa – but wants to use his newfound fame to educate the masses.”

Dr Alex is going to head the national war against STIs

Insiders are claiming that medical firms and organisations have been eager to work with the Love Island doctor. A source revealed to The Sun: "There is massive money in the medical business and many healthcare and pharmaceuticals firms want to work with him, as well as the authorities who are already planning this huge campaign.

“He proved on the show that he isn’t reckless in his approach to sex, and that’s a message Public Health England want him to promote to young people who might listen to him now he’s been on Love Island.

“STIs might not be the sexiest subject matter, but it’s a huge deal for him as well as being a worthwhile cause.” If you ever wanted an ambassador to campaign against STIs, Dr Alex is about as anti-sex as you can get."

Megan completely forgot that she went on a date with Alex

When talking about the initial dates she went on when entering the villa at the Reunion show, the only two she could remember were with Eyal and Niall. She nervously laughed off the fact she couldn't remember the third date.

Wes has quit his job for "other opportunities" aka. personal appearances in tragic hometown clubs

He revealed on the Reunion show last night that he's seeking other opportunities for now and that his work are chill with him potentially never returning there again.

Rosie and Dean left the party together last night

They shared a cab on the way back to their London hotel. It wouldn't have been weird, if Rosie didn't try to hide his face with a balloon. Are they hiding something? Is something else going on?

Frankie and Samira looked like they were on the verge of a break after he didn't even deny the cheating rumours

Last night, Caroline asked Frankie: "Rumour has it you've been a bit of a naughty boy, can you clear this up?"

While Samira looked akward as hell, Frankie replied: "Yeah there's been stuff in the papers but what's come out in the papers we've dealt with and it's a very small part of what we've done since coming out."

Then Caroline turned to Samira and asked how she was feeling: She said: "Obviously it's been a bit difficult, but obviously we're positive now and it's fine." Yeah, I give it one more week.

Caroline Flack is back with her ex, again

Apparently they're "giving things one final go" on a romantic getaway a month after calling off the engagement.

Sources told The Sun, Caroline took Andrew away earlier this week for a mini-break. They claimed: "Caroline can’t live with Andrew but she can’t live without him.

"Their chemistry is incredibly intense, and she really does adore him. But she cannot continue with this rollercoaster of a relationship and is fully aware that something needs to give. After a serious heart-to-heart, they gave things one final go."

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