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Why have three British teenagers died at Eden Roc hotel in just four months?

They fell a 65 foot drop from ‘the Walkway of Death’

Last week, to celebrate finishing his A-level exams, 18-year-old Thomas Cannon flew to Mallorca with his seven friends. On Thursday night, he became separated from his group, and was not seen again until he was found the following morning. He had wandered back to his hotel alone at 4am local time after a night on the strip, and fallen to his death from a balcony seven floors high. Thomas' body was found by the hotel gardener in the morning.

The walkway he fell from is now known as "the Walkway of Death" due to its height and low safety walls either side, which has led to multiple deaths of young people.

But this is not the first, but third, balcony-related death at Eden Roc this year.

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In April, Natalie Cormack, a 19-year-old bar worker from West Kilbride, fell to her death trying to climb across two balconies on the seventh floor after getting locked out of her room.

Just two months later, 20-year-old Tom Hughes fell 65 feet from the same walkway as Thomas at Eden Roc hotel. Tom was meant to be staying at a different hotel nearby, but, in the middle of the night and unfamiliar with his surroundings, he ended up at Eden Roc, where he fell to his death.

Rest in peace tom? such a amazing person, you always claimed you were better at tennis☑️ such a sock to see this when I woke up, hope you're okay James Channoñ and family❤

Posted by Ewan Andrews on Saturday, July 14, 2018

A study by Son Espases Hospital revealed to The Times that a trend of 'balconing' resulted in 46 patients being treated for injuries after falling from balconies between 2010 and 2015. Out of these patients, 60 per cent were British tourists, with an average age of 24.

According to BBC Newsbeat, Calvia Council, the Magaluf area of Mallorca, blames the endemic on drunk British tourists. Yet alcohol and drugs were only involved in 40 per cent of balcony deaths.

So why are so many balcony deaths occurring at Eden Roc Hotel?

It's not alcohol or the 'balconing' trend that are causing so many young people to lose their lives in Mallorca. The dangerous "walkway of death" at Eden Roc has been the cause for many, yet the council is refusing to blame the town's infrastructure.

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Thomas fell to his death from this walkway on Thursday

Speaking to BBC News, a mother of Thomas' friend saw the walkway at Eden Roc where he fell, and was shocked at how low the safety wall was.

She said: "We went to where Thomas fell and the wall is way too low. It's about knee height. When you look at it there are loads of trees and bushes beyond the wall which gives the impression there's a garden, but there's actually a 70 foot drop.

"Three kids dying here this year is just unbelievable. We're furious."

Since the latest accident, Eden Roc has removed all their information and contact details from the internet, with no trace of a website or even pages on TripAdvisor,, or Trivago. This could indicate closure of the hotel, but this has not been confirmed.

After flying out to Mallorca to see their son for the last time, parents John and Ceri Channon said they were devastated at the loss of their son, and described Thomas as gentle, kind and generous.

They said: "He was a model son, brother and grandson who will be dearly missed. During this difficult time, we ask for the space and privacy to try to come to terms with a loss that will never be filled."

It is with immense grief that we have received the news of the accidental death of one of our students, Tom Channon. Tom…

Posted by St David's Catholic College on Monday, July 16, 2018

A memorial service will be hosted today at St. Peter's Church for quiet reflection and remembrance of Thomas Channon.