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Based on their star sign, which Love Islander are you most compatible with?

Of course Adam’s a Scorpio

"He's 100 per cent my type on paper" is all you hear in the Love Island villa, but what the Islanders should really be saying is "he's 100 per cent my type according to my super accurate star sign."

Sure, personal preferences like whether you like abs, someone over 5"8 or a half decent personality stand for a lot. But nothing will quite seal the deal without going all Mystic Meg and finding out which stars align to know who you should really couple up with.

From doing some serious Instagram research, we've found out when the Islanders birthdays are, what their sign says about them and who they should scientifically couple up with in the house depending on their sign compatibility.

Aries: Georgia (March 28th)

Compatible with: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, and Gemini

Should couple up with: Eyal

Aries are known for their confident, honest and optimistic outlook on life, but also their moody and impulsive side.

Georgia definitely showed her impulsive side after Kendall was announced as the first Islander to be booted off the island, with Georgia basically rolling out the red carpet and putting on a fanfare. She even got a bit of a hump on after Hayley had a little bit of a go at her.

But for her positive traits, Georgia came into the house with a bang, with the confidence to neck on with Niall after 30 seconds of being in the house.

Compatible with a third of the other star signs, apparently Georgia would match well with Eyal, but I don't see her understanding auras anymore than Hayley did.

Taurus: Laura (April 27th) and Jack (May 11th)

Compatible with: Pisces and Virgo

Should couple up with: Niall

The positive traits of a Taurus include being devoted, stable and responsible, but they can also be possessive and stubborn in a relationship.

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Wes I'm not angry I'm just disappointed

Being rinsed for acting like a 40-year-old rather than his girlfriend, Laura's been treating Wes like he's her son. She's been bossing him around and telling him she's "disappointed", a bit like your mum would if she found a pouch of baccy in your school bag. But maybe this slightly possessive behaviour is all because Laura unveiled she's looking for someone stable, aka a husband, and maybe Wes, the 20-year-old, is the man for it.

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Sorry mom

Jack is the ultimate Taurus: patient and 100 per cent devoted to Dani. Sure he's way more into it than her as made obvious by his lil cry when they initially called it off, but from him sticking around despite Dani's rejection, it's clear Jack's a keeper.

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Our stars align!!

Taurus' are most compatible with Picses and Virgo. With no Pisces in the house, Niall's the only Virgo so the only viable option for Laura. He looks even younger looking than Wes, so imagine how much she'll get rinsed by the Fiat 500 Twitter girls if they ever get together.

Cancer: Josh (June 21st) and Hayley (June 27th)

Compatible with: Pisces, Scorpio

Should couple up with: Adam, Charlie or Samira

People with Cancer as their zodiac tend to be emotional, loyal and persuasive. However their persuasiveness can lead to manipulative behaviour, or they can feel insecure.

And well well well, look who falls into this zodiac none other than Hayley herself. Hayley was fairly manipulative towards Eyal before the first recoupling to ensure she wouldn't leave the villa. Saved from eviction, she was then unbelievably pessimistic about her and Eyal's kiss saying it made her feel "sick" and that even his BREATHING was too much for her.

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"He makes me feel SICK"

She then got all emotional and slept on the sofa, where she probs felt a bit insecure that no one in the villa likes her – just like how everyone on the outside feels.

We haven't seen much of the other Cancer in the house, Josh, but I can hand on heart say he would persuade me to be with him, without much persuasion.

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I love you

Cancers are best suited with a Scorpio – and from the look of tonight's dates it seems these two signs could actually make a match!!!

Leo: Eyal (August 2nd) and Dani (August 8th)

Compatible with: Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, and Aries

Should couple up with: Rosie or Georgia

If you're a Leo, you tend to be creative, warm-heated and cheerful, but also self-centred and arrogant at times.

Eyal and Dani are the two Leo signs in the house, and you can see why. The other Islanders would probably describe Eyal and his language as creative, always banging on about auras and spirituality whilst they sit and nod like those dogs you used to put in the back of your car. He seems like a warm-hearted bloke, the type of man who would give you his shoes to walk home in after a night out if you had blisters.

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Imaging looking THAT good all the time

He is a little bit self-centred however, probably from him trying to find so much inner depth. And with a face, body and fashion sense like that, you'd be a little bit arrogant too right?

And Dani – how could you describe her as anything other than warm-hearted or cheerful?? Just look at the way she was with Jack last night and tell me you're not getting all the feels:

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Out of the compatible signs in the house, Rosie and Georgia are well suited to Eyal. Maybe Eyal can pick up Adam's pieces when he inevitably has his head-turned by a new girl in a few days time.

Virgo: Niall (September 17th)

Compatible with: Taurus and Capricorn

Should couple up with: Laura

The Virgo zodiac excels in being loyal, analytical and practical. Weaknesses show in over-worrying and being super critical of self and those around.

Niall is the only Virgo-rep in the house. Being the classic Virgo that he is, has been nothing but over-critical, comparing himself to the other Islanders and their physiques – most notably Adam and all of his abs.

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His analytical face

But since the arrival of Georgia, Niall's been analytical in his observations of his and her relationship, like describing them both as rainbow fish.

Libra: Rosie (Sept 23rd)

Compatible with: Leo and Sagittarius

Should couple up with: Eyal

Libras are cooperative and gracious, but can carry a grudge and avoids confrontations. Now I don't know about you but I don't really know what Rosie's about yet other than she's Welsh, fancies Adam and wears a lot of lipstick.

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At this moment in time Rosie's not only avoiding any confrontations but also avoiding providing any entertainment value for the viewers – is that a Libra trait too???

She's most compatible with Eyal – and tbh I could see that coupling happening on the horizon.

Scorpio: Adam (October 26th) Charlie (November 10th) and Samira (November 15th)

Compatible with: Pisces and Cancer

Should couple up with: Josh or Hayley

The villa can't take anymore Scorpios in the house, with Adam, new boy Charlie and Samira all being the same star sign. Scorpios are resourceful, defined as a true friend and passionate, but also jealous, secretive and hard to trust.

Samira's been a pretty good mate to Alex ever since she pied him in the first few days. Last night she even described her and Alex as "best friends" before saying cheers to "great friendships". Hopefully someone reminds them it's LOVE Island not fucking FRIEND Island sometime soon.

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Oooo friends !!!!!!

And then there's Adam, little snakey Adam who takes on more of the negative Scorpio traits. Like when he showed his secretive side getting off with Rosie when Kendall was at the other side of the garden, or how he basically insinuated he was going to recouple with her but said Rosie at the last second. Snake.

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We haven't seen much of Charlie yet, but I guess you could say it's pretty brave, or shady, for him to come on a show where he already knows two people.

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Plus he's a pretty face – which isn't a Scorpio trait but definitely worth mentioning.

Wes and Alex – UNKNOWN

Wes and Alex's birthdays have proven more difficult to find. However if I were to take a guess, Wes would be a Virgo due to his loyalty to Laura, and Alex would be a Pisces because he's permanently sweating, a like little wet fish just pulled from the water, completely out of his depth.