University rugby club suspended after going on a naked rampage around London

They exposed themselves on public transport

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Imperial College Rugby club have been suspended after video footage has surfaced which shows them drunkenly carrying out a number of bizarre activities in the nude.

The videos show the boys flashing their testicles on a busy tube, removing their clothes and wading their way through Trafalgar Square's fountain, as well posing for naked photos in front of the statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square.

In one of the video clips, the rugby players are at Trafalgar Square fountains. One player can be heard saying "Oi, Benson, bonus points if you get in that saucer and take a dump", as others start stripping down. Three member make their way into the fountain, continuing to take of their clothes as they wade through the water.

The players were dressed up as Mexicans wearing sombreros and brightly coloured ponchos, stripping themselves down as and when was required.

Older viewers, especially veterans, of the videos have been particularly angry at a clip of the team naked with sombreros covering their genitals, standing in Parliament Square beside the statue of Winston Churchill.

Another clip from the video shows a player climbing over a wall wearing a sombrero, a poncho and a fake moustache, as the person behind the camera shouts "classic immigrants."

According to The Sun, another video was sent via WhatsApp which shows one player attempting to dance with a disabled girl in a club. In response to this, a message was allegedly sent which said: "Poor girl can't even walk away."

The above photo captures the moment one of the players emerged from a phone box exclaiming "my bag is bigger than yours, my bag is bigger than yours, I can teach you but I have to charge. Elliot, man, I've got bigger maracas."

This is not the first time a London uni rugby club has come under fire. LSE Rugby were banned in 2014 when they produced a misogynistic, sexist and homophobic brochure, including statements such as "Beast-like women who play sport so they can come out with us Wednesdays, and don’t let them tell you otherwise” in relation to “Hockey, Netball and Rugby Birds”.

A spokesperson from Imperial College commented: “This alleged behaviour goes against the values and expectations of our student and staff community and is completely unacceptable.

"The Students’ Union has suspended the club pending investigation. Further disciplinary action will be taken where necessary.”