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We want to find the UK’s saddest ‘sad boi’, so send us your nominations

One sad boy to rule them all


The uni sad boy is a noble creature. We all know one, they live off frozen pizzas and wear the same grey Slazenger jumper every single day.

They play seemingly endless games of Fifa and still collect beer bottles on their window sill, despite no longer being a fresher.

We've been through what makes you a uni sad boy and how to spot whether you're living in a 'sad boy house', so now we're looking for your nominations for the UK's saddest sad boy.

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We want a sad boy who takes his sadness to the next level. We're looking for the person whose shelf of the fridge is bare except for a solitary tinny, and will only ever drink cans of Stella.

If you or someone you know could be the UK's saddest sad boy please nominate them below: