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Outed: The unis where students get the most money off their parents

All hail the bank of mum and dad

With just over a month having passed since the last loan dropped, it's time to subtly text your softest parent about how their favourite child is wearing 10 layers to avoid paying for heating. Retreat to the safe place that is the bank of mum and dad.

But, which uni do that the most? Who has truly mastered the art of getting their parents to transfer them money? Here's your answer.

Durham topped the rankings, claiming a huge £412.90 on average per month.

Hull are the cheapest students to upkeep, getting just £129.20 a month.

In the great Oxbridge battle, Oxford came out on top – being able to wrangle an extra £132.40 a month than Cambridge students.

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The top three unis, Durham, Oxford and Aberdeen, all claim over £350 a month from their parents.

Well aren't we all the savviest sponges ever?