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These are the best universities for graduate salaries

Holla at all that dollar

A great woman once said "it's not about the money money money" but when it comes to graduate salaries it definitely is.

It's important to know which universities give you the best return on your investment for life after lectures, you are spending £9,000 a year remember.

Luckily, The Student Room have compiled the top ten universities for graduate salaries in the UK.

As shown by the table above, The Open University came out on top, with City University and LSE coming in second and third.

The data was compiled from figures from HESA, basing mean salary off 90 per cent of those who studied that course.

Additionally, if you do Computing and IT at the Open University you'd come out earning 50 grand according to the report. Nice.

Looks like I need to change course asap.