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New study says you’re a teenager till 24, so you have an extra six years to get your shit together

Sure, do another gap year, why not!

When you turned 18, you technically became an adult. In the eyes of the law, your parents and most of the world, you became mature, rational, grown up.

Well turns out thousands of years of human socialisation are wrong because a new study says that because of delays in finishing school, marrying and become a parent, people don't become real adults until around 24 years old.

The average age when men and women have their first marriage has risen to over 30 and more people are moving back home after uni and staying for longer.

According to the ONS, over 25 per cent of people aged 20-34 are still living with their parents.

Psychologists and policy makers are being advised to treat people well into their mid twenties the same as teenagers.

Laverne Antrobus, a child psychologist told the BBC: "The idea that suddenly at 18 you're an adult just doesn't quite ring true.

"My experience of young people is that they still need quite a considerable amount of support and help beyond that age."

The new advice is meant to make sure that people in their twenties don't get left behind when polices and healthcare are planned for teens.

Scientists believe that the main difference between childhood and adulthood is how the brain deals with emotions and how it reacts to everyday situations.

This is good news for people that have just finished uni and have no idea what they're doing, because no-one is expecting anything of you for another few years.