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If you do any of these things, you’re micro-cheating and should be very ashamed of yourself

Reading this = micro-cheating

As if there weren’t enough things to worry about in this cruel world, apparently there’s a new “trend” of cheating we should be looking out for.

It’s called micro-cheating and dating expert, Melanie Schilling, explains it’s when there’s “a series of seemingly small actions that indicate a person is emotionally or physically focused on someone outside their relationship.”

Thought Catalog made a list of 33 ways someone is definitely micro-cheating, which included things like texting an ex, tipping a waitress or you know… talking to anyone who’s not you.

And because Twitter is Twitter, people started tweeting helpful tips to suss out micro-cheating. If you’ve done any of the following, you should tell you partner right now and pray they forgive you:

Having friends and talking to/hanging out with anyone who’s not your partner

Tagging someone else in a funny meme, when it should have reminded you of them

Replying to a tweet when you could have been giving them your undivided attention:

Walking around in public without the blindfold they bought you:

Not liking their latest Instagram because you weren’t on your phone all day:

Watching any YouTube videos that aren’t narrated by a cat

Talking to your colleagues about work, instead of being unemployed and dealing with your partner’s insecurities:

Sending your ex a happy birthday message:

Reading this article and not telling them about it

And obviously someone came up really useful tips to avoid micro-cheating completely: