So, you can’t wear hoops anymore because it’s cultural appropriation

‘Hoops are worn by minorities as symbols of resistance and strength’


Vice published the article -"Hoop Earrings Are My Culture, Not Your Trend."

In this piece, the Latinx-Australian writer, Ruby Pivet, explains that "hoops are worn by minorities as symbols of resistance and strength" and her argument is that white people, shouldn't be buying or wearing them.

She says women of colour have been wearing hoops before white models started wearing them in their Instas.

When the writer was younger, a white girl stole the hooped earrings given to her by her grandmother. And for her, this serves as a microcosm for white people stealing things that don't belong to them.

Ruby says: "For many women of colour, hoops play a large role in self preservation and expression." So when they wear them, they're seen as "trashy" but when white women wear them, they're seen as "cool" or high fashion.

This comes after three Latina students painted a message on the walls of their College in California about hooped earrings. It read: "White girls, take off your hoops."

As the use of hooped earrings is prevalent in our society, wokeness Bible, ID, have posed the question of "who owns hoop earrings" to their readers.

At length, the article discusses how fashion has always been influenced by society, and the problem with wearing hoops, lies in the fact that many women of colour still can't wear them without being labelled as "ghetto."

A quick search on Twitter shows people agree that wearing hoops is cultural appropriation:

However, many more were left confused as to how wearing hoops was offensive: