If for some stupid reason degrees had Tinder bios, this is what they would be

Match with Business for good times

In this week of things that have no reason to exist but we’ve done anyway – we’ve thought about coming face to phone with composite stereotypes of various degree subjects.

You’ve probably never imagined pulling your degree, but don’t worry, we’ve written about it anyway.


20, St Albans lad. I say I work in finance though. We are only allowed to talk about my very impressive graduate job. I’m good at numbers, what’s yours?


6’1”, dark hair. Love is a risky game but I’m a calculated, safe bet. (Also, probably a bit of a psycho.)


19, mysterious, bit of an existentialist and a loon. Swipe right to be just another case study in the book of my life. Carpe diem. I’m the one on the right lol.


Not just a wannabe Indiana Jones 😉

Dig deep and you might find some bones. Just kidding, that was a really dry and weird joke, just like the rest of my personality. Please like me.


21, Not interested in one night stands, want to construct something that will last with someone special. I like to build on strong foundations because you will realise that I’m impossible to deal with after a year or two.


Keen to experiment. Work hard play hard, so yeah hope you like it hard.

I know a lot about the human body 😉


18, I didn’t get into medicine but I’m hoping to get into your pants. Looking for someone to spend seven years with.


19, Part-time entrepreneur, full-time legend

“Work hard, party harder”

“Good things come to those who work hard”

“Nothing worth having comes easy”

Swipe right for success.


Ideal date: dinner for two, nice bottle of merlot, and some dimmed down bunsen burners for chilled out sexy vibes.


Originally from Bath, love my dog Artemis, Once featured in Iliad Bible

If you’re not an old Greek man, swipe left.

Computer science

24, Good at C++ but I’ll give you the Python.

Match with me to download my new app.

Creative writing

23 from Wales, I collect tote bags and broken hearts.

Used to have dreads, so yeah that’s me in my other photos.

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.


It would be CRIMINAL for us to not go on a date. Hahaha get it.

Take me to the London Dungeon, watch CSI after and I’m yours (heart eye emoji)


Still live with my parents and probably will forever. I keep telling myself that a big part is just around the corner.

No drama please, lol xo


I’ll give you a good filling 😉 Let’s do it on the chair like Barry and Rachel in friends.

Still at uni after five years, but still loving those VKs (with a straw obvs, don’t wanna rot my teeth)


Looking for someone to supply my curves to.

Hopefully you can handle my demands.

It’ll be worth it in the long run.


19, Norwich

Sorry if awkward, not met girls before lol

Just wanna make sure you’re structurally sound


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in. And I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen me not reading Byron? That’s weird.

Environmental science

Saving the world, one single girl at a time

You know what they say about men with big carbon footprints…

Looking for someone to turn off the lights with.


Central Saint Martins

My life is a catwalk

I’m probably too good for you. Don’t match with me if you don’t suit my Insta aesthetic.

Film Studies

Ideal date: Half a tub of cookie dough and two films by François Truffaut

35mm is enough to satisfy me.

Tarantino nerds only…


6’0, 21, Surrey boy at heart and gin enthusiast.

Currently interning at CITI, looking for someone pretty.


I love long walks in the countryside searching for ox-bow lakes and own an array of colouring pens for when I work on my dissertation.

Uganda ‘15 —-> Nepal ‘16 —-> Peru ‘17 —-> The world ‘18?


22, love travelling which is why I do this degree. Swipe right and I may rock your world.

Graphic Design

Really into arty stuff. Would be a great first date? Soz might be busy with my startup website that day.


18, Swansea, I may enjoy the past more than the present but I can see a future between you and I. Also, Churchill was a war criminal.

History of art

From Oxford | he/him

I won’t paint you like a French girl because the male gaze is sooo outdated #woke


I’m not doing your portrait for free so don’t ask.

Information technology

People think I watch loads of porn but I definitely don’t. I have sex all the time! (If you want)


22 year old Londoner // aspiring journo

Words for @watfordobserver

All views my own

Swipe right if you have any scoops

Joint honours

I’m multi-skilled, but in all honesty not that good at either…

Love a good threesome because I’m no good at choosing


Bonjour, voulez vous aller au ciné avec moi ce soir?

Year abroad pretty much changed my life

If you don’t read Camus then gtfo


22, fighting for justice

It’s long, hard, and at the end your parents will be inevitably disappointed

Not as boring as I seem

Are you ready for the long arm of the law?


Boss ?

??? LinkedIn ???


Would love to go for cocktails and maybe more if you can keep up


19, brainy but not nerdy.

Let’s try it from that angle

If we match it must be a sine


Medic, 6’2”, Medic, Free Spirit, Medic, Kavos ‘16, Medic, looking for someone to share the fun, Medic, Rugby, Medic

But I honestly never go on about it




Part-time DJ. Check out my mix on Soundcloud

In need of a prime booth bitch willing to step aside if some hot groupies turn up

In fact an open relationship would probs be better suited to my lifestyle


What do I find attractive in a girl? Their mind.


Life is hard. Never give up trying to help people.

No Tories on my profile, thanks. #SaveTheNHS


Always in the lab

I’m just what the doctor ordered

DM for modafinil


A misunderstood feminist, humanitarian, secularist, eliminative materialist

Bristol via Bali

Here to solve your mind-body problem


25, BSc, Masters, PhD. Tinder won’t let me add those to my name, but thought you should know

Even the smallest things in the universe are powerful

Currently interning at Goldman


19, London, I love talking about the EU, if you voted leave don’t bother.

Yes, that’s a Corbyn t-shirt. Spotify Anthem = Rage Against the Machine – Killing In the Name Of


21 year old from North London, probably the future prime minister, Neo-liberalist.

Yes, that’s my full name – I left out my titles.

My mum still dresses me.


Looking for love and/or people to fill out my survey. You may win a £10 Amazon voucher and/or my heart.

Before you ask, no I can’t read your mind.


18, #ForTheManyNotTheFew , I’m yours if you have a cat and access to government research data

Sport Science

6’2” Gym buff, would rather be on VT

Beckett via ‘Beefa

Will probably love the gym more than you

Girls who can cook <3


Turn offs: agnostics (gtfo)

Turn ons: dressing up as members of the clergy

Catch me watching songs of praise

No pagans on my profile please



No I will not talk dirty to you in Welsh


Imagine falling in love with someone and then finding out they don’t stop to say hello to dogs.