Every bloody, sticky and grim reality of being on your period at a festival

Is that blood or sweat

Doubling up pill packs, chugging grapefruit juice, eating chillies and other strange shortening remedies, women will do anything to avoid having their period at a festival. And fair enough, because it’s pretty grim – dodgy portaloos with insane queues, lack of clean water, hot sticky tents and nowhere to lie down when your stomach feels like it’s being whacked repeatedly with a sledge hammer.

But while this is just something we have to push through for a few days of the year, millions of women and girls face a much harsher reality every month. With no access to sanitary products, no proper toilets and no clean water, it’s a reality which unfairly holds them back.

These images by ActionAid UK show some of classic moments anyone who’s had their period at a festival can recognise, to show that periods aren’t something anyone should feel they can’t speak frankly about.