Chanel are being accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ for selling this $2,000 boomerang

This is a weird one tbh

“Stupid shit rich people buy” is what someone on Twitter just called this boomerang from Chanel, and at $1,930 for a piece of wood painted black with a logo on it, it’s hard not to agree.

I can’t imagine the thought process Chanel goes through to come up with their “luxury accessories”, but lacquering a boomerang black and charging people like two months rent for the privilege can only be a result of the worst out of ideas barrel scraping status symbol foraging. So obviously Jeffree Star’s bought one.

Chanel were probably selling these quietly to Australian billionaires as part of their Spring Summer pre-collection for a while, but when the internet celebrity/make-up artist/whatever the fuck Jeffree Star is tweeted about buying one (because of course he did), people went into a frenzy.

But now, another twist. In amongst all the drama the boomerang has been accused of being an example of cultural appropriation against indigenous people in Australia, and some have called for Chanel to pull the piece and donate any proceeds to “underprivileged Aboriginal communities”.

Alison Page, an Aboriginal designer and filmmaker, told The Telegraph that Chanel’s boomerang marked “a new level of ignorance”.

“It’s 2017 and people haven’t worked out yet that appropriating another culture’s artefacts and putting your brand on it is offensive,” she said.

Matthew Rimmer, an intellectual property expert at the Queensland University of Technology, told Fairfax Media: “As a good corporate citizen, Chanel should apologise fully, withdraw the boomerang from sale, and make appropriate reparations to Australian Indigenous communities.”

Chanel are also selling tennis balls for £330. Stranger than fiction.