I tried to get drunk off alcoholic Easter eggs

Yes, one of them was G&T flavoured

Easter is a bit like Christmas: loads of chocolate, booze, and food. Pretty much the only difference is the lack of presents, but the sheer amount of chocolate makes up for this. In true 2017 style though (which is basically just let’s all keep drinking until we forget that Trump is President) alcoholic easter eggs are really having their moment, especially thanks to the genius invention of a gin and tonic easter egg.

But given how most of us probably need a glass of wine or two to get through a few hours with our extended family, will these easter eggs do the trick? Can they get us to just that right level of drunk that you don’t even care when someone starts spieling off why they voted leave? Or do we need to invest in a few bottles of wine to be on the safe side? I decided to take one for the team and test it out, so none of us were left sober come April 16th.

Easter eggs are the love of my life

My test subjects were Prestat and Hotel Chocolat. Not knowing how much I would have to eat in order to get drunk, I was skeptical, but it was better than nothing, and I excitedly awaited their arrival.

Prestat gin and tonic easter egg 

The first one I tried was from Prestat, a gin and tonic easter egg. It was, understandably, delicious. I was told to enjoy it alongside a G&T, an offer I quickly took up, obvs. Not sure how much this helped my experiment, but there you go.

The egg came with about 7 truffles, which contained the alcohol, while the egg itself was just pure chocolate. It didn’t look like much, so I had a look on the box and it said it contained about 2% alcohol, which really doesn’t sound like much so I tucked in, washing each truffle down with some G&T. 7 truffles later and I was feeling a tiny bit giggly, so I guess it was working a bit? 2% alcohol was more than I thought, although I definitely wasn’t drunk yet. On to the next one.

Send help

Hotel Chocolat “Your Eggsellency” easter egg

Everyone knows how good Hotel Chocolat chocolate is, so I was very excited for this one. It came with 12 truffles this time, rather than 7, with loads of flavours: whiskey, cognac, rum, passion fruit margarita, mojito, gin, champagne, and port. Exciting.

I still had my G&T, so I took a drink, and got started. Only to be seriously disappointed about 5 seconds later. These chocolates are disgustingly strong. I might have wanted to get drunk, but I also wanted to enjoy the process.

Not even a filter could hide my look of disgust

Regardless, I persevered, determined that I was going to at least get a little bit drunk if I had to eat these awful things. And if I’m honest, 19 truffles down and I was feeling a little bit drunk. Not drunk enough to go to a club, definitely not, but it was a nice base level of giddiness. Although I’m not 100% sure how much of this drunk feeling was down to the G&T I practically gulped down to get rid of the taste of these truffles. Mostly though, I just felt sick, and starting to question why I ever thought this was a good idea.

Smudged makeup and glazed over eyes is a great look

So, if your idea of a great time is feeling simultaneously tipsy and very very sick, then alcoholic easter eggs are probably for you. If not, I’d probably just buy a bottle of wine instead. It’s a much nicer experience. Cheaper, too.