Fierce girl gang costumes you should wear this Halloween

Obviously Mean Girls is one of them

It’s that time of year again. Nights are getting darker, pumpkins are out and we’re all on the hunt for the most slamming costumes we can find to represent our clique. Halloween presents the perfect opportunity to show your true colours and express yourself by wearing whatever you want, however you want. And what could be scarier than the fiercest, sassiest, most empowered girl gangs out there? We’ve rounded up some of the best girl squad costumes to help you and your girls crush it this Halloween. 

 The Ghostbusters

When you need a slamming group costume that reflects the girl power of your squad, who ya gonna call? Obviously the Ghostbusters. The female reboot of the original is a perfect girl-gang Halloween costume. Get your squad together to absolutely slay as Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, and use that sass to prove that you don’t need a dick to bust ghosts.


Orange is the New Black

The diversity of characters in OITNB gives great scope for every member of your squad to play to their own strengths. Whether you’re the Crazy Eyes, the Red, or God-forbid the Piper of your gang, this group costume idea has something for everyone, and is super fun to pull off.


The Pink Ladies

Arguably the original girl-squad, the Pink Ladies have got it down; from sultry Rizzo to give-a-shit Jan to good-girl-gone-bad Sandy, the Pink Ladies present the opportunity to be whoever the hell you want to be, whilst wearing some wicked 1950s costumes to boot.



 The Bridesmaids are perhaps the most terrifying group of women ever. Independent, rowdy, and frequently drunk, dressing up as the hot messes that comprise this gang is the perfect opportunity to say “screw you” to girly Halloween stereotypes whilst still looking fierce AF.


Mean Girls

The Mean Girls group costume can be twisted in so many ways to represent you and your squad. We’re talking the Jingle-Bell Rock (not strictly seasonal but those latex skirts are frightful), the Mathletes and of course the fateful (and most apt) Halloween party. The beauty of Mean Girls is, again, that there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re the Zombie Wife type, love squeezing into a rubber corset, or are eager to experiment with eyeliner and hair-gel á la Janice Ian, you will definitely find your niche with this costume. Bonus points for anyone who can squeeze into conversation Karen’s iconic mouse line. Duh?



These costumes are yet another classic banging girl squad. Who hasn’t watched Clueless and wanted to be in with Cher, Dionne and Tai? Whip out the knee-high tube socks and that iconic yellow plaid to absolutely kill it this Halloween. This costume is also perfect to zombie-fy; just add spooky make up and a little fake blood to really give the already stylised costumes a ghoulish edge.


Taylor Swift’s Girl Squad

T-Swift’s iconic girl squad show that they’re hard as nails in her epic Bad Blood video. Emulate these bad-ass chicks with your gang to show how fierce you really can be. The costumes are so easy and fun to put together, and will make you all look even cooler than you already are. No one will want to get on your bad side this Halloween.


The Kardashians

Love them or hate them, does anyone embody girl gang more than the Kardashians? They are the glamourous, body-positive entrepreneurs of our generation. Get your girls together for endless fun drawing on huge lips and stuffing cushions down your leggings. There are also so many members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan that you can include literally all your friends and still have some to spare.


Charlie’s Angels

Show ‘em what you’re made of as these three achingly cool, arse-kicking female detectives this Halloween. This idea again presents options – you could go 1970s Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jacklyn Smith with huge flares, platforms and hair, or alternatively strike the classic finger-gun pose in leather trousers and black vests like Cameron, Drew and Lucy.


Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone

This dynamic duo are particularly apt this Halloween following the release of the Absolutely Fabulous film. They’re a hilarious way for you and your bestie to do co-ordinating costumes even when there’s only two of you. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to wear jangly clashing clothes and a massive beehive whilst swigging from a bottle of Bolly? You can also get away with falling arse-first out of a taxi by pretending that you’re in character. Isn’t that right sweetie darling?



Lena Dunham’s Girls shows the trials and tribulations of late twenties and early thirties life through the zany characters of Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa. These girls represent the real-life strength of female friendship and camaraderie, and also each have very distinctive looks. This makes them the perfect girl gang for you and your chicks to show the world how much you love each other and how proud you are to be women.


 Destiny’s Child

Sass? Check. Talent? Check. Empowerment? Check. Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle have been the ultimate girl gang since the 1990s and have given us some absolute bangers along the way. Every one of them is an independent woman in her own right, but they clearly appreciate the value of a strong squad. Just try not to fall out over who gets to be Beyoncé.


The Sex and the City Girls

This could just be straight up hilarious. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha love experimenting with fashion and have given us some absolutely iconic outfits along the way – who could forget Samantha matching her outfit to Miley Cyrus’ in SATC2? You can literally throw on whatever you have in your wardrobes to carry off this group costume, just make sure you do it with style and of course, with a cosmo in hand.


 Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses are pretty much a win-win in terms of a girl squad costume: there’s something for everyone, they’re easily recognisable and you can easily lay your hands on a costume. Whether your vibe is girly Cinderella or feisty Merida, there are so many characters to choose from. Disney Princess costumes will allow each member of your squad to express themselves and do Halloween their own way, without compromising the group aesthetic.


Hocus Pocus

The bonus to these costumes is that they are definitely Halloween-themed. No fake blood or zombiefying necessary to be terrifying here. You can have some real fun experimenting with crazy wigs and robes to wow as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy and the legend that is Bette Midler.


 The Spice Girls

Who else! Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Posh are an absolutely iconic girl gang for us British girls. Their catchphrase, “girl power” showed us from a young age that girls should be able to express themselves however the hell they want. And what is a costume for if not for showing the world who you truly are? We’ve probably all already talked with our girls about which Spice Girl each of us are, so why not take it one step further and slink into those tracksuit bottoms, those white platform boots or that Union-Jack dress and give it your best zig-a-zig-aah.