Sainsbury’s have removed ‘Taste the Difference’ sandwiches from their meal deal

Everybody panic

In perhaps the most sinister ‘Little Twist’ yet Sainsbury’s appear to have removed Taste the Difference sandwiches from their £3 meal deal.

Long a staple of office workers’ lunchtimes, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have competed over their meal deals, both offering a sandwich, a snack and a drink for £3.

No longer in the Meal Deal

Not content with irritating half the population with their jolly ‘Little Twists’ advertising campaign, Sainsbury’s have removed their Taste the Difference range from their Meal Deal. Taste the Difference encompassed such classics as Free Range Egg & Watercress, and French Brie & Grape. Other options included Salt Beef & Tewkesbury Style Mustard Dressing.

Twitter is less than pleased:

Some people have possibly exaggerated the knock on effects of this decision (if that is possible):

Some options do remain available, Cheese and Tomato anyone?

Some would call it an inferior selection

While the company itself has sought to ride out the storm:

It has also emerged that you’ll have to remember to ask for a fork at the till from now on:

And who can forget the Great Bacon Shortage of 2013?

If you’re struggling with shock right now then console yourself, Tesco haven’t changed their deal – yet.