Debunking the myth that Jamie Vardy killed a dog

Bring your mascot and your charlie

There’s a hoax going around the internet this morning claiming that Leicester Forward Jamie Vardy killed a dog. While playing at non-league Stocksbridge, he is said to have killed their mascot Stocky, by poisoning him with alcohol.

The excerpt claims to have come from Vardy’s forthcoming autobiography ‘From Nowhere’. Amazingly, the last line of said excerpt concludes with “If you’re reading this lads, I’m sorry! It was a great club though, we had some laughs.”

So it’s completely untrue that Jamie Vardy filled Stocky’s water bowl with Stella four times, causing him to die. The tweet currently has 4k retweets, and his wife has said it’s complete nonsense. Speaking to the publishers to find out for definite, Joanne Bennett, publicity manager at Ebury said: “No, this is not true, it did not happen.”

In a 36 second phone call, she then told me, laughing: “To confirm, no, Jamie Vardy did not kill a dog” and put the phone down.

So it’s not true. Party on guilt free, Jamie.