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Amelia Perrin
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Concept: Men are boring

Can someone tell Metro?

A brief history of feminism in music videos

‘I woke up like dis’

An effective and foolproof guide to internet stalking without getting caught

Avoid the dreaded accidental double tap

It’s time someone said it, Nothing To Declare is the best daytime TV show there is

The mother of all airport shows

Inside the world of holistic vagina massages

It creates a ‘deeper, more nourishing sexual energy’ in your body

Debunking the myth that Jamie Vardy killed a dog

Bring your mascot and your charlie

Where did it all go wrong for millennials?

Apparently we’re not having sex, and that’s still not good enough

The Meal Deal Talk Facebook group is the most savage place on the internet

‘I’d rather support Donald Trump, ISIS and be best mates with BoJo than get that meal deal. It’s vile’

Why Metro’s ‘Mistakes girls make on a first date’ is completely ridiculous

Don’t mention your parents, or your ex. Oh and don’t wear make-up, breathe, or live

No, there isn’t going to be a Harry Potter Go app

It was a hoax

Cosy gals: How to work loungewear as outerwear

Imagine how comfy everything would be though

YouTube make-up artists are ruining the beauty industry

It’s become a community of bitchiness and backstabbing

Baja shuts down the haters after customer calls them ‘sh*t’ on Facebook

Baja are SAVAGES

‘Do you know people from TOWIE?’: Things you shouldn’t say to someone from Essex

And no one uses ‘reem’

Harvest Road has re-opened

No more having to walk over the bridge to get to lectures!

Unis are the most progressive institutions in the world. Why are they paying women less?

Women working in higher education are paid £6k less than men a year

Snapchat sent Kylie Jenner a present to say thanks for the videos and misspelt the word ‘Snapchat’

Bet they’re bumming out

There’s nothing wrong with going for cocktails

They make us feel like we have our shit together

What your library snack says about you

What do you mean eight jägerbombs isn’t a ‘snack’?

Why Chelmsford is the best place to live

We love you, Burberry Man

Chris Gayle isn’t flirting in the workplace, he’s intimidating women

He did everything he could to put Mel McLaughlin in an awkward situation

Why being pale is far superior to being fake tanned

No St Tropez-stained bedsheets over here

Facebook used to be for students, now it’s a breeding ground for middle-aged racists

So much awful grammar, so little time

A former London bus driver tells us why he decided to work for Uber instead

He genuinely didn’t see you running for the bus

What’s your worst landlord story?

‘We were charged £50 for moving a corkboard’

Speaking to Instagram star Yungelita about Lolita, aesthetics and body positivity

Amelia Perrin learns how the body positive social media star is advancing her own brand of feminism

SU shop apologises for telling barefoot fundraiser he can’t come in without shoes on


Vote: What’s the worst thing at Royal Holloway?

It’s hard to pick just one

I fail Country Life’s rules for ‘perfect modern ladies’ and I’m so proud

Women are meant to excel at making love and lasagne apparently

The guy burning his entire student loan doesn’t deserve your attention

Brooke Purvis is just another Central St Martins student desperate for Vice fame

My weird week as the ‘Catfish girl’

What happened when my life went viral

People on the internet keep using my selfies to Catfish people

It’s weird and it needs to stop

Meet the RHUL second year who’s an Insta-famous blogger

She has over 80k followers and hangs out at glitzy red carpet events

London’s West End nightclubs are turning away black people: Why?

One woman was told she was ‘too dark’ for DSTRKT

Best dressed: Freshers’ Fair

Were you spotted?

Everything freshers need to know about Royal Holloway

The mirrors in the lifts are great for squad selfies

Everyone has thighbrows, here’s how to optimise yours

Finally, a body craze which doesn’t favour the skinny

Amelia Perrin’s guide to taking a fit photo of yourself

‘Get your boobs visible and on point’

A beauty queen’s guide to chatting up fit girls

It’s not okay to try and flirt with someone in the street

Student satisfaction is a terrible way to rank unis

There’s a reason no good unis come top of the National Student Survey

Keeping secrets from your partner is a good thing

Never let them see how gross you really are

How do we live in a world where women beat another woman up for wearing a bikini?

So much for sisterhood

What doing a beauty pageant is really like

I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m in the running for Miss Great Britain

It’s time somebody said it: Topless men are ruining my summer

Even if you’re fit, it’s not OK

We secretly love it when sports stars behave badly

Nick Kyrgios was the best thing at Wimbledon this year

Can we all stop pretending fat-shaming challenges actually exist

Quit over-reacting

Don’t be the idiot everyone hates at festivals

Nobody cares about your Coachella inspired outfit

Here’s what you can learn by watching Netflix all day instead of going to the library

Is degree level knowledge for £5.99 a month possible?

Am I the only one who’s noticed how everyone at RHUL is from Essex?

I could go to Chicagos on Wednesday and the SU on Friday and see the exact same people

What your Twitter bio says about you

Nobody thinks that Drake quote you used is cool

How to deal with a serial cereal stealer

I really, really like cereal