The worst experiences ever encountered on a girls’ holiday

Why does everything always end with heat-stroke?

For some, a girls’ holiday can be the time of your life. It’s usually the first time you’ve ever been away without your parents, meaning that you can finally go on a plane journey without having to hear your Dad’s terrible pilot impression (sorry, Dad).

Unfortunately, not everyone has the best experience on a girls’ holiday. Going away with the girls can be the ultimate dream but a lack of adult supervision mixed with unimaginable amounts of alcohol can lead to dire consequences.

The heat

Especially if you’re British, the weather abroad in the summer can be a right shock to the system, leaving you with the worst tan lines imaginable from that cheeky bikini with the criss-cross straps. Also, a hangover in 40 degree heat is something no human being should ever have to encounter.

Hannah, North Wales

“Sweating all your make up off and then sleeping on the balcony because we didn’t want to pay for air con was a nightmare. No one wants to wear shorts when covered in insect bites.”


When you’re away with your mates and haven’t got anyone to to tell you when to take it easy on the vodka you can get pretty carried away when it comes to drinking. This might seem fun after your first six tequilas but once you’re hurling in the loos, mascara running and your skirt halfway up your chest, the regret comes quickly and hits you like a truck.

Sarah, Wales

“My worst memory was being hungover passed out on the couch, when the maid walked in and caught me spooning my bra on the sofa. I still had last night’s clothes on and was covered head-to-toe in club promotion stamps”.

Creepy guys, creepy guys everywhere

Wherever you are, it’s guaranteed that there’ll be some creepy weirdo ready to hit you with their worst chat up line, or worse, go straight in for the butt-grab. In a club in Magaluf, it was great to see that some 70-year-old was enjoying his retirement or whatever, but seeing a pensioner (or anyone really) hip thrusting to Chris Brown is enough to make even the most sober clubber slightly nauseous.

Laura, Edinburgh

“A waiter once grabbed my boob and then I accidentally paid him an extra 10€ for the drink he served me because I hadn’t got my glasses on. I definitely got more than I paid for, just not in the way I imagined.”

Erica, New York

“In Vegas this one guy continuously pestered me to dance with him when I was trying to enjoy a night out with my girlfriend and wouldn’t take no for an answer until I had a strong word with him.”

When mother nature calls at the worst time possible

No one wants to leave that hot new bikini in their suitcase just because of the time of the month so, you gotta take charge and do what a girl’s gotta do.

Annabel, Dublin

“The worst thing for me was getting my period whilst queueing for a ride at a waterpark. I’d been looking forward to it ALL week.”


At first, sharing a room with your best mates is all fun and games but after days of someone leaving wet towels scrunched up on the bathroom floor, so there’s none for you to use, you start to long to be back at home in civilisation.

Sarah, Sussex

“On holiday, me and my girl friends let a group of guy friends share our rooms because their hotel was in the middle of nowhere. A day later, the boys had trashed the room, leaving us with buckets of sangria with ants in them, vomit and dirty boxers everywhere.”

Georgie, Sheffield

“I lost my friends on holiday and when I got back to the apartment they’d locked me out as a ‘punishment’ – I had to break in with the help of a neighbour.”

Scary foreign animals

There’s never a good time to have a surprise visit from a cockroach. Also, they don’t look pretty when squished under the sole of your flip flops.

Daisy, Lewisham

“When I went away with some friends, a girl got stung by some exotic fish. She couldn’t enjoy any of the nights out for the rest of the holiday and someone had to carry her more or less wherever she went.”

Katie, Cornwall

“On holiday I tried to take a shortcut to the hotel and got lost. I ended up walking along the side of a motorway, encountering many snakes along the way – I then got heatstroke afterwards.”

Awful entrepreneurs

Being a tourist abroad is like being in a really shit board-room briefing in the apprentice. You will constantly be approached by people trying to sell you crap that you don’t want. I don’t need some light-up sunglasses to make me look like a fool, alcohol does that for me.

Lydia, York


“While I was away with the girls, some woman grabbed me and insisted on braiding my hair. I didn’t mind too much because I wanted it done anyway, but then she demanded 60€ for it. When I told her I didn’t have enough money she started shouting aggressively at us all, causing me to have a panic attack.”