We asked you what you think about women’s fashion trends

The best dressed tell us what they think about the edgiest trends

Summer’s finally in the air and that means bringing out some controversial trends. Bucket hats and dungarees can be playfully stylish but they are notoriously difficult to pull off. The best dressed explain how to wear socks and sandals and when flower crowns are acceptable.

Lauren, 24, Marketing Manager

On bucket hats: “I’m not a huge fan. I think if you can pull off wearing a bucket hat then you must have very good style.”

Kyesha, 18, Student

On wavey garms: “I actually really like them. I’ve been looking for a jacket like that, but can’t find one that suits me because I’m not a very colourful person.”

On dungarees: “I love them. I used to wear them all the time, like every time I left the house.” 

Sara, 18, Student

On dungarees: “I like them. They’re edgy but I can’t really wear them because I can’t pull them off.”

Emily, 31, Production Manager

On flower crowns: They have a time and a place. My friend just got married and she had an amazing one. I think if they’re handmade with real flowers then they’re quite nice.

Hyoka, 19, Student

On double denim: I love it. I think it’s really cool.

Charlie, 28, Calvin Klein Brand Specialist

On midi skirts: Much much better than a mini skirt. They’re flattering on most people and you can get away with wearing them with trainers. I only ever wear mine with trainers.

Adi, 26, Moniker Eyewear Brand Ambassador 

On socks and sandals: I love socks and sandals! I was gonna wear them today. I’ve been wearing socks and Birkenstocks. All about pastel rib knitted socks and Birkenstocks in pastels and black. I also love thicker tube socks and Birks for Autumn.

Vlad, 25, Retail Manager

On bucket hats: We always have them in for spring and summer at the company I work for. They are very trendy round here. I would say they are the must-have piece for East London.

Danielle, 21, Student

On wavey garms: They’re very 90s and very London.

Lucia, 18, Student

On midi skirts: I love them. They’re good on everyone and they’re the sort of thing you can wear all year round. They’re nice in the summer but you can also wear them with boots in the winter. I wear boots with everything.


Ruby, 18, Student

On over the knee socks: I used to where then all the time when I was about 15 so they’re kind of nostalgic for me. I was really into dressing like a mod. I wore ripped tights constantly.

Jennifer, 29, PR

On maxi dresses: Obsessed. Mostly for me because of my shape. My waist is smaller than everything else.

Aneesha, 32, Fashion PR Director

On over the knee socks: “They’re not my thing but people can make it work if it’s coming out of a knee-high boot, but I wouldn’t do it with sneakers or anything low top.

Miha, 24, Hairdresser 

On patterned trousers: I think they’re super cool. I love patterns.

Hannah, 19, Student

On maxi dresses: I love them. I think they suit most people and you can style them with most things in your wardrobe to suit you.