Where to get growth hormone medications online: Safe and Unsafe ways
    Growth hormone is an important hormone that spurs growth in children and controls body fluids, metabolism, and blood sugar levels. The hormone should be within certain levels in the body. When they drop below this level, it is identified as a deficiency often associated with changes in body compositions and lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. A deficiency generally lowers life quality, which is why it should be treated. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Who should consider getting growth hormone treatment? ________________________________________________________________________________________ You should consider treatment if your blood tests reveal your hormone levels are low. Generally, anyone with a deficiency of the hormone should consider getting treatment. In young adults or those undergoing puberty, this hormone's deficiency can lead to delayed puberty or short stature due to absent growth. The hormone causes shortness of stature because it triggers a spur growth during puberty. You should also consider treatment when you notice symptoms of deficiency like increased fat accumulation around the waist, a decrease in lean muscle mass, depression, fatigue, and a reduction in libido. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Does HGH treatment need to be prescribed? ________________________________________________________________________________________ Yes, this type of therapy needs to be prescribed. Unlike other hormones, growth hormone is prone to abuse, which is why its use is restricted using prescriptions. Athletics and older adults usually abuse products in the market containing the hormone to improve performance and look young, respectively. Prescriptions prevent this abuse. Before prescribing this treatment, an endocrinologist will first diagnose you for a deficiency of the hormone. He or she will do this by drawing blood from your body and performing tests. ________________________________________________________________________________________ What are the dangers of buying HGH online? ________________________________________________________________________________________ Growth hormone is only restricted for treatment in patients with certain conditions. As such, you can not legally buy the hormone from online sites without a prescription. Also, you can only buy the hormone using a prescription with your name; if the prescription is meant for someone else, then you can face penalties for illegal possession. Buying the hormone from online sites has its legal consequences. The consequences include paying fines, probation, and incarceration. Fines for illegal possession of the hormone can be thousands of dollars, while probation and incarceration last for one to three years.  Legal implications are not the only dangers of buying this hormone online. Since the quality of products you buy online is not guaranteed, you also face the danger of purchasing a counterfeit product, whether you have a prescription or not. Furthermore, you are in danger of developing the adverse effects and risks associated with the unsupervised use of these products. Counterfeit goods have a higher risk of causing unwanted side effects. Lastly, you risk getting conned because the transaction is virtual. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Guidelines for getting safe growth hormone medications on the internet. ________________________________________________________________________________________ You can avoid the legal and health implications of buying this hormone on the internet by doing it the right way. Make sure that you first get a prescription for growth hormone use from a certified endocrinologist. This doctor has specialized in everything there is to know about hormones and any hormone-related problems. Make sure that the endocrinologist performs blood tests on you to confirm the levels of the hormone. Once the results are out, and you have a prescription, buy the medications from a hormone clinic. If not, you can inquire from the endocrinologist about online sites that are eligible for selling medications to boost hormone levels. You can also google on popular safe and effective brands of growth hormone medications that you can buy by visiting legal medical websites. One common medication of the hormone is Norditropin. Familiarize yourself with how the product should look under the package because the medication's packaging can be used to mask a counterfeit product. You can google images of the capsules or chewable gummies of the hormone if you are buying a supplement. Determine the color and formulation beforehand and check if the product you purchase is the correct product as soon as it is delivered. Also, make sure you pay for the medications after delivery because of the risk of getting conned. Here you may find more details on getting HGH on amazon and e-bay. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Recommendations for safe and effective HGH deficiency treatment. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Like other treatments, the use of this hormone can have some adverse effects. This is why it is recommended for use under the supervision of an endocrinologist. An endocrinologist understands proper dosage, injection sites for maximum absorption, and how to handle side effects. Therefore, this reduces the risk of side effects and improves the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. The hormone is generally well-tolerated in many people if you use it appropriately.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ However, it has side effects like headaches, muscle aches, swelling of extremities, and joint discomfort in some patients. These symptoms are often due to an increase in the levels of the hormone above the normal values. When you notice these side effects, you should speak to your endocrinologist about them. The endocrinologist will often reduce the dose of the injected hormone to give the body time to tolerate the small doses.