5 Imaginative Ways Students Can Boost Finances Online
    Times can be tough when you’re studying. Many students up and down the country constantly search for new ways to make a bit of extra cash to support tuition fees, accommodation, bills, groceries whilst hopefully having a few pounds left for a decent social life. Getting a part-time job is the most obvious answer; however, weekend and evening jobs are surely time-consuming and hectic. Along with classes, seminars, lectures, students can be laden with coursework and dissertation deadlines as well as hefty books to go through. Furthermore, extra-curricular activities and hobbies will take up whatever is left of your time. If you’re a student who is looking for a convenient way to boost your income, there are some alternatives that you may not have considered yet. Ranging from online product reviews to playing slots online, allow us to introduce you to a few creative ways to get your finances flowing. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 1-Become a Blogger/Vlogger ________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you like to write? Are you a linguistical genius? If you have a unique way with words and plenty of thoughts that you’d like to jot down on (virtual) paper, blogging might be just the thing you need. If you’re more of a talker, don’t move on just yet – you could become a vlogger, on social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram. Start telling the world what moves you? Speak on the topics that matter. Begin your journey by slowing building credibility with an audience. If you’re writing, you’ll be wise to invest in a proof reader to help you. As your reputation (and with that your follower number) grows, you can earn easy cash through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and adverts.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2-Set up Your Own Business ________________________________________________________________________________________ This might sound like a complex task, but it isn’t. When setting out on a new business venture, keep it simple. It could be anything. Even something as easy as one-to-one tutoring sessions, acquiring and selling clothes, or teaching textbooks to fellow students. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3-Sell Your Old Stuff ________________________________________________________________________________________ Believe it or not, you don’t need all your old CDs, DVDs, clothes and books. If you have moved out while studying, there is probably a lot of stuff that you’ve left behind in your old room. How much of that are you going to use again? Why are you even holding on to stuff you won’t need again? Perhaps it’s time to be strict with yourself and put aside anything that you realistically and rationally believe you will not use again. It can be a tough job, but therapeutic too. You’ll feel less stressed once the clear out is completed, and if you list your items on a selling site such as eBay, Gumtree or Depop, you’ll find yourself a little richer too.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ 4-Boost your Betting Skills ________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok, this is a riskier suggestion. We don’t advise heading to an online casino and risking a huge sum of cash, for obvious reasons. However, if you already have a few skills - perhaps you’re quite a good Poker player, for example – you could spend a little time brushing up those skills and wisely betting some cash. Alternatively, after doing some research, you could invest in shareholding and stock-brokering but bear in mind that this is usually a risky quick money-maker. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 5-Product Reviews ________________________________________________________________________________________ A really easy way to hustle cash is by performing product testing, providing reviews, as well as mystery shopping. You can sign up at various websites – a simple Google search will provide you with an abundance of suggestions. You might be required to fill in some questionnaires or your details for a product to be sent to you at your doorstep so you can test and review it. As a bonus, you might even get to keep the product which is a bonus. Yay!