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Shakeel Hashim
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Less than 48 hours into November and people are already getting excited about Christmas

It’s not even been Bonfire Night yet

Kamil Shah’s leather vest is exactly what makes University Challenge great

Shame his team lost really

If you had a rubbish summer, it’s your fault for working in a dead-end job

Three months of flipping burgers will never make you more employable

Confederate flags are flying in Oxford today

Highly divisive symbol spotted at St Giles fair

When it comes to politics, we’re our own worst enemy

Every time we try and make things better, it just gets worse

Oxford is only the 5th best uni in the world

We didn’t beat Cambridge

Nobody is impressed by the rubbish you keep sharing on Facebook

You’re a keyboard warrior

Top unis could charge you more than £9,000 under new rules

Bad news if you’re at Oxbridge

Economics freshers sit Game of Thrones themed exam

A Lannister always pays his debts, right?

Webber steps to victory in Union elections

It wasn’t even close

Union apologises for colonialist cocktail

They’re really quite sorry

Rower’s Ark: Queen’s M1 gets blessed by a chaplain…and goes on to win Blades

It’s a miracle

Union presidents “silenced” Treasurer with SDC threats, Treasurer says

And allegations made that Olivia Merrett called Rebiya Kadeer a terrorist

Oxford Union declares itself institutionally racist

The motion passed unanimously

New JCR condemns Union over colonialist cocktail scandal

There are calls for the Union President to resign

Union BME Officer resigns over colonialist cocktail controversy

She’s “disgusted” and hasn’t even met the President

Oxford to have first female boss in history, Louise Richardson

Who runs the world?

BNOC 2015: The Tab top ten

The ten biggest names in Oxford. Vote for your number one.

Subfusc saved…with over 75% of the vote

It woz The Tab wot won it

Bomb threat outside Army Recruitment Offices

It’s all clear now

Which Eurovision country is your college?

A justification for listening to trashy Europop for the next hour

Don’t kid yourself: If you’re not at Oxbridge, you’re wasting your time

Durham came and ruined everything

In pictures: Keble Ball was very large

The dodgems though

Lil Jon came to Oxford and defended using ‘butts in the video’

He revealed what he turns down for

Lil Jon comes to Oxford: Live blog


EXCLUSIVE: Lil Jon’s coming to Oxford tomorrow

Your chance to get up in his grill

Greens beat Lib Dems in Oxford East

And Labour hold onto the seat

New rankings say our degrees are so much better than everyone else’s

Fuck the light blues

The NUS isn’t fit for purpose

They don’t care about us

Photo of Dave Cameron’s Bullingdon past found… on tailors’ wall

That’s him peacocking in the middle

Black Sabbath: Outrage as Christian rock concert wakes up finalists with Sunday Morning din

What happened to Love Thy Neighbour

Exclusive: Piers Morgan and Warwick Davis set to speak at Oxford Union

We’ve got the list

The Randolph Hotel is burning down

It’s really bad

NUS blow £40k on anti-Lib Dem campaign – and guess who’s footing the bill?

Yes – more than your degree

Kanye West given honorary degree from Oxford

He’s a Doctor of Music now

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary invited to speak at Union


Kanye West demands hummus and water bottles with the labels removed

It’s part of his new work out plan

Kanye West gave a lecture at Oxford University yesterday

Who talks at your business society?

Here is more or less exactly what Kanye West said in Oxford earlier

Kanye in Oxford: The #YeezOx highlights

Kanye is coming to the Oxford Guild TOMORROW

Yeezy season approaching

Teddy Hall JCR dumps ‘Queen of Porn’ Jenna Jameson

She’s the one from ‘I love lesbians 10’

Union exclusive: Sarah Palin drops out…Buzz Aldrin steps in

To infinity and beyond

Out of the Blue hunks cover Wham!’s Club Tropicana

Malta, cocktails and 80s vibes

Preview: Keble Arts Festival

Get cultured, you filthy animal

Queen’s attempted arson attack: Oven doused in oil and left on full power overnight

They disabled the smoke alarms and turned all the ovens on

Huge protests outside Union as Marine Le Pen defends free speech

Union members in the chamber were told it was not safe to leave

OUSU votes to condemn Union for hosting Marine Le Pen

And LJ Trup is made to email everyone about a protest

#FRIDGEGATE: Outrage as New confiscates all students’ fridges

Happened after one started “leaking some nasty stuff”

Anger and protests as OSFL try to host ANOTHER pro-life event

When will it end

Harsh college bods fine rugby boys £200 for pouring water on people’s heads

Imagine if it was…beer

Underage fresher gets smashed and ‘recites Latin’ at Labour Party drinks

It’s all gone a bit Bullingdon

Disaster: We’re not the most employable students in the country

But don’t worry guys we’re gonna be rich

How to have even more of an essay crisis

Shake things up for HT15

Uproar over Vice Chancellor’s bloated £442K pay package

While thousands starve

Would you like to pay £36,500 a year to study medicine?

Now you can

Do you take a lot of selfies? You’re more likely to kill people


Serial college burglar jailed after stealing £3000 worth of goods

He broke into St John’s, St Catz, Balliol, St Antony’s and Mansfield

The Greens are more popular than Cameron and are coming for Labour

And you hate the Lib Dems

Look how excited these sixth formers are about getting into Oxford

See it off m8

Uni fatcats make extra £1300 from your tuition fees

Are you gonna give me money

The Guardian have made an interpretive dance about PPE

I don’t get it

Andy Jordan: ‘I’m not a lad’

No shit

Are they nuts? Students queue for 48 hours to secure a house

What possessed them to do this

Christ Church cancels pro-life abortion debate…but it’s going ahead anyway

Students don’t want to hear two men debate abortion…

Free education? OUSU, you’re having a laugh

Why the NUS and OUSU’s new policy is absolute nonsense

I queued for five hours to see Morgan Freeman and it was totally worth it

The story of my ordeal

‘He used my head as an ashtray’: Student attacked outside Wahoo

Keble fourth year attacked on Friday

Lee Dixon dropped from Union lineup, no one cares

Morgan Freeman relegates Dixon to the bench

“YOU KNOW NOTHING”: Game of Thrones actors added to Union lineup

They’re coming down from beyond the Wall…

VIDEO: Sir Ian McKellen goes full Gandalf on queuing students

Actor shouts “you shall not pass” at those waiting to hear him speak

These Somerville girls are sticking moustaches on their faces for the whole of Movember

That’s if they don’t fall off

Uproar outside the Union as Israeli ambassador makes his appearance

It all kicked off last night

Old boys behave like ‘gorillas’ at Keble’s first bop

Outrage over ‘shocking display of misogyny’