Imagine Seeing the Holocaust On Social Media
  What is Holocaust? ________________________________________________________________________________________ Holocaust is the vandalism or killing on a mass order used explicitly by fire or nuclear war. It can also be illustrated as a Jewish sacrificial offering that was entirely burnt on an altar.   The story of Eva is a high fund explanation of the actual memoir composed by Eva herself. Eva was Jewish who got killed in a vacation center. The most fantastic thing that caught people's attention is how she recorded her days on her smartphone, and this has spurred an abundance of concerns on how the holocaust would be portrayed. ________________________________________________________________________________________   Eva Heyman was a 13-year-old Hungarian girl who chronicled the 1944 German raid in Hungary.  The extraordinary thing is that she used hashtags, emojis and communicated as a 21st-century teen.   The creators behind this fantastic story are Mati Kochavi who is an Israeli entrepreneur who has been raised In a family of Holocaust casualties and survivors. The daughter Maya produced a short film telling Eva's story and remind people of the genocide that occurred, which some people are not talking about.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Mati Kochavi believed that the only way the story of the holocaust would reach the youngsters is by explaining to them the route of where it all began.  Even though this is quite hard because of the controversy, people have to know about it.   Eva stayed with her grandparents in Hungary after her parents separated. The day she began composing her memoir was on her birthday, which was on 13th February 1944, and she was later killed in Auschwitz in October, eight months later. Luckily her mother overcame, and after sovereignty, she found her daughter's diary and published it, then she exterminated herself.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ In Evas posts, she uses various hashtags like #life during the fight and utilized geotags like the 'GHETTO.' Her account has been published in many diverse Israel billboards starring a hand behind barbed wires gripping a mobile phone.   As Eva's account thrived, a team of followers, most of them, heard about the holocaust for the first time because the number of holocaust survivors dwindles. A poll that has been enforced discovered that two-thirds of millennials didn't know about the most prominent Nazi camp built in German-occupied Poland, where 1.1 million people were killed between 1940-1945.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Another study that was conducted in Europe and was disclosed this week found out that the majority of the Austrians don't know that six million people were killed during the holocausts.   The Eva Stories account replied to the reviews they got on Instagram for circulating Eva's story, saying that Instagram is an outlet to post different content. Even though it comprises modern social media effects, they subside slowly later in the video. The definitive post recounts Heymans demise in the gas chamber in the white text but on a black background.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Conclusion. ________________________________________________________________________________________ In conclusion, Seeing Holocaust stories on social media is a good thing because it teaches us a lot about the history of different events that occurred in the past years.