Mona Ebert
Homerton, English Mona spent 3 weeks getting used to the cycle ride from Homerton, before beginning her Tab career. One reader wrote, 'pretty certain I got with you in first week' on one of her articles. She's not so sure. Her hobbies are student protestors, writing, art and taking pride in her German heritage.

Magdalene May Ball

MONA EBERT upholds Magdalene’s attention to detail, in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream – white tie style’.

Interview: Noah and the Whale

“I think you’re booked to do something like a ball because people might ‘know you’; whatever THAT means.” MONA EBERT talks to indie-folk cuties NOAH AND THE WHALE. In a blue leather furnished tour bus.

Where is Our Titt Club?

MONA EBERT and pseudo-feminist WINSTON PREECE wonder what a girl’s got to do to get an armchair around here

Ice, Snow and Rail

MONA EBERT: “After you’ve been harassed, shoeless, kettled in like student protesters for hours and had to watch a mother drink her own breast milk, you begin to wonder why you bothered at all.”

Tab Week: Station Manager

SOPHIE WAWRO is both boss of the biannual Downing May Ball but also manages Cam FM, its complicated studio and 45 presenters.

Tab Week: Blues Rower

In a new Tab feature, Blues Rower MIKE THORP shares how he manages to eat 6000 calories and sleep for 8 hours a day, with 35.5 hours of training each week.

Fashionable Marxism is No Revolution

Why are rich kids into Marxism when they haven’t done their reading? MONA EBERT discusses whether it’s just to ruffle a few feathers and upset Daddy.