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Almost half of sexual assaults reported at Cornell occur at the start of the Fall semester

20 percent involve criminal entry into students’ homes

Answer these questions and we’ll tell you which freshman dorm at Cornell you are

Pretty spot on

Everything you should not do as a new student at Cornell

Save yourself the embarrassment please

Jennifer Lawrence says what we’ve all known to be true about Harvard guys

‘I normally don’t like Harvard people…’

Everyone you’ll ever meet in the Ivy League and where you can find them

Tag yourself ???

Incoming Cornell freshman drowns in gorges before start of semester

Winston Perez-Ventura’s acceptance to Cornell video went viral last year

Police seeking Collegetown prowler who reached into women’s windows and touched them as they slept

‘Secure windows and doors to deter unwanted entry’

Why every Cornell student should spend at least one summer in Ithaca

‘An Ithaca summer is sweaty, fun if you do it right, and essential for your time at Cornell’

Child genius who graduated UC Davis aged 16 shares life wisdom, powerlifting advice

‘Instead of being the Jimmy Neutron of campus, I wanted to fit in more’

Cornell ranks in top 10 for best library in America

We like books

Ithaca is one of the colleges that smokes the most weed in America

We’re number two

Fidget spinners are being handed out to new students at Columbia


Everything you should know before moving into your first off-campus apartment

Freedom at last

Do this quiz and we’ll tell you exactly what you should be doing this summer

Let’s be real, the first week will be spent de-stressing from finals

The Scoop on the Facebook Event About Joe Biden Eating Cornell Dairy Ice Cream

Could it become a reality?

Joe Biden is coming to Cornell for the 2017 Convocation

We are the luckiest Ivy by far

This salty Johns Hopkins student is trying to sell anti-Ivy League t-shirts

You gotta chill my dude

Newt Gingrich was buying fishbowls in Level B last week

Why aren’t more people talking about it

Cornell is going to close at noon for a snow day

Our prayers have been answered

Please for the love of everything can we have a snow day tomorrow

Cornell never cancels for snow

Cornell is one of the top universities on the planet, according to new rankings

We’ve been rising in the list over the past few years

It’s official: Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the best Cornell alum of all time

And Ann Coulter was ranked the worst

Once and for all, who are Cornell’s best and worst alumni?

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What the winter weather means for Cornell students

The Canada Goose migrates to campus for the winter

‘Privileged, pretentious and nerdy’: What Ithaca College students really think of Cornell

‘The drivel coming from his mouth was so pretentious it hurt to listen to it’

This is the moment a high school senior was accepted to Cornell

Welcome to the Class of 2021

The men of Cornell Vet School are back with their latest calendar

What’s shirtless, full of abs, covered in fur, and sometimes meows?

Cornell’s 14th president is elected

Welcome Martha E. Pollack

Tricking vegans into thinking they’ve eaten meat is the worst viral ‘craze’ of 2016

They’ve gone too far

Cornell reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor: The good, the bad and the weird

‘Filled with book smart people that have no common sense’

Cornellians: It’s last day to register to vote in New York

Your future is on the line

How to spot a Hotelie at Cornell

At least I can go to class in sweats

The best pics from Cornell Homecoming

We smashed Yale 27-13 and looked good doing it

Cornell should be next in the push for free pads and tampons

I’m over asking to BORROW a tampon from a friend, and you should be too. Period

Growing up in Ithaca: A little bubble in Upstate New York

I hate to use the phrase crunchy granola, but it’s pretty accurate