Angelique Govantes
Deputy Editor

FSU’s newest lifestyle magazine, Strike, is hosting their first release party next week

The release party will be held on April 13th

‘I feel proud to have known her’: Friends pay tribute to FSU students who died in car crash

Friends reflect on their favorite memories of Antonio Mesa and Valentina Martinez

The most savage Urban Dictionary entries about Florida State

‘Semenholes, criminoles and residents of TALLY-HO’

Famous people you can say went to FSU when you’re out at the bar

FSU has superstars in sports, the arts and everything in between

How to spot FSU students on Spring Break

They’ll be the ones holding the Natty Lite

Potbelly’s and The Painted Lady are throwing a Fake St. Patrick’s Day party this weekend

Because Spring Break won’t get in the way of a day dedicated to drinking

FSU is much more than just a football school, and here’s why

There are a thousand other things we have going for us

A look at how many alcohol offenses occurred around your favorite Tallahassee bars

There were 216 alcohol offenses in 2016

‘I was almost Baker Acted’: Why mental health needs to become a priority at FSU

There have been 11 reported Baker Acts so far this year

Kappa Alpha fraternity is under investigation following harassment allegations

There are claims that one of the families that KA targeted are refugees

FSU Relay For Life is throwing a banger on Landis today

They are throwing a birthday party to raise $50,000 in 24 hours

Quiz: Which Florida State bar are you?

I better not get Tabu

What the repeal of ‘wet foot, dry foot’ means now for Cubans

Many seeking refuge have been left penniless forced to go back

Meet 18-year-old Aria Watson, creator of the #SignedByTrump photo series

For her class’s final project, she painted models with Trump’s quotes about women

This bill would hold campus rapists accountable by marking their transcripts

It’s called the Safe Transfer Act, and we’re here for it

Half of reported rapes at Florida State occur at frats, new map shows

One fraternity has had a rape report every year for four years in a row

I asked my grandmother about fleeing Castro’s Cuba. ‘I just hope God pardons him’

She is 86

‘Insane’ turnout in Florida as Latinos race to the polls to ensure a ‘Presidenta’

‘I never again want to feel like my liberties as a Hispanic woman are threatened’

One woman on why she voted for Donald Trump

‘I don’t think women need help from Trump to be successful’

One woman on why she voted for Donald Trump

‘I don’t think women need help from Trump to be successful’