This is how many hours NYU students spend studying for finals

Not including the hours of procrastination obviously

BREAKING: Lena Dunham to teach class on intersectional feminism at Gallatin this fall

Pres. Hamilton confirmed via email

U.S District Attorney for the Southern District Preet Bharara to join NYU law

His residency at NYU law begins at the end of his time as a U.S District Attorney

The best signs from today’s LGBTQ rally against Trump

Donald Trump: I am sorry my dear, but you are up for elimination

A raging fire has broken out at one of NYU’s medical buildings

There’s smoke blowing over the East River

Seven NYU faculty and alumni nominated for 2017 Grammy Awards

Bet Columbia can’t say that

Three NYU professors added to ‘Radical Watchlist’

One was accused of posting Anti-Semitic tweets

Madonna held a surprise gig in WSP encouraging people to vote

‘Do we want Donald Trump as our president? No!’

NYU ranked in the top 1 percent of universities in the world

No big deal though

Everything you should know about the Dakota Access Pipeline

‘Water is life and everyone deserves water’

Commuting by Uber in New York is now cheaper than using the subway

No more awkward eye contact with strangers

Why I gave up rock climbing and became a dancer instead

Now I’m a real life black swan

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau spoke at NYU today

Spotted: everyone’s favorite Canadian

NYU administration has now threatened to suspend the protesters in Bobst

They have until 5pm to leave

NYU Divest is occupying the Bobst administrative elevator

They are calling on the Board of Trustees to #RiseWithUs

NYC foodie Instagrams you need to be following right now

*quietly munches away in the corner*

NYU warns of ‘thousands’ attending Bernie rally in WSP tomorrow

We are definitely gonna feel the Bern

What you need to know about NYU’s Ally Week

#NYUAllyWeek is here

BREAKING: Crashed cab and emergency vehicles at 8th and University Place

A woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries